Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Norwegian Politicians- No More Aid To Palestine Until They Stop Demonizing Jews

Norway has been funding the Palestinian Authority (PA) since 2008. Over 300 million krone ($52 plus million) per year.  After Palestinian Media Watch put together a report documenting the demonization, vilification and hatred of Jews on PA television and handed it over to Norwegian media, some politicians in Norway are rethinking this financial aid.  After airing an 11 minute investigative report on state-owned NRK TV, the Progress Party and the Christian Democratic Party are now calling on  Norway to stop all aid to the PA until Palestinians stop fostering hate and glorifying terror in TV broadcasts.

The PA of course, denies any wrongdoing,

PA Ambassador:

"They used rumors and exaggerations.They exaggerated all kinds of news items to foster a negative attitude among Norwegians against the Palestinian issue and the Palestinian leadership..."

PA TV News:

TV report is "part of an incitement campaign started by the Israeli Foreign Ministry on a global level to affect the positions of countries that support Palestine."

Here's the transcript of the report on the PMW website.

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