Friday, March 29, 2013

Brits Stuck With Abu Qatada For Life? His Rights Come First

 Everyone agrees that hate preacher/terrorist Abu Qatada is a "very dangerous" individual. He also happens to be a parasite sucking the British government dry while he lives in comfort- with his brood- courtesy of the British taxpayer.  Yet deporting him back to Jordan is proving to be a fruitless endeavour. Why? Because his human rights trump the rest of the British citizenry. At least that's how some judges feel about Qatada's case.

The judges said that while Qatada’s deportation was ‘long overdue’, his risk to the public was not ‘a relevant consideration’ under human rights laws.
The Appeal Court yesterday upheld an earlier verdict that sending the hate preacher to face a terror trial in Jordan would not be fair.
Not fair, because they're afraid Qatada might be tortured in Jordan.

Brits have been trying for ten years to boot him out of the country, and now they might be stuck with him forever, unless Home Secretary Theresa May can work a miracle.

Home Secretary Theresa May will now lodge a last-ditch appeal to the Supreme Court. If that fails, it would raise the prospect of Qatada – variously described as a ‘truly dangerous individual’ and Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe – never being deported. He could apply to be freed within days.
But some are blaming May for this epic failure.
Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said Mrs May’s strategy of pursuing the case through the British courts rather than in Europe had backfired disastrously, adding: ‘This is an extremely serious and disappointing judgment.’
Read more on the whole disastrous situation on the UK DailyMail.

It's not the first time the British courts have sided with terrorists, placing the English people at risk.  An Algerian terror suspect, living in the country illegally for years, was also allowed to stay in England because he was suicidal.

What the Brits are doing is suicidal.

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