Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown and The Day Obamacare Died- The People Have Spoken

It's been a year since Barack Hussein Obama took office as the elected President of these great United States. With all the promises of hope and change that were bandied about during the campaign, and the great expectations that so many people chose to foolishly glom onto, he has accomplished absolutely nothing. His only potential claim to fame would have been his abominable Obamacare which, along with Pelosi and Reid and the majority of Democrats, he was trying his damnedest to cram down the American people's throats. Very few people wanted it, at least in its present incarnation, and although I do know some who did, they were a paltry few. Yet our elected officials continued on their merry little ways, caring little for what their constituents wanted, nay, demanded.

As an actress who depends on work weeks to qualify for insurance, as precarious as that is, and someone with 2 pre-existing conditions that would make it well-nigh impossible to get insured, I should have bought the Obama/Pelosi/Reid pablum, but I didn't. In fact, this past year was very dry and I am now paying COBRA payments of $2,100.00 per quarter. I don't relish that, but I am still against national health care. I think everyone agrees there is a need for health care reform, but not in the form of Obamacare, or Pelosi/Reidcare. Let's face it, the only reason for the rush was purely political. After riding in on a wave of undeserved glory, Obama has accomplished absolutely nothing, and I'm sure everyone felt it was imperative that at least one campaign promise get fulfilled. Now it looks as if even that might be dead in the water. With the election of unknown Scott Brown (who came out of nowhere in a very short time to overtake Marcia, oops Martha Coakley, the anticipated winner of Teddy Kennedy's MA Senate seat), it could be a goner. Massachusetts is a blue state and Teddy Kennedy, as liberal as they come, had held that seat for decades. He had been one of the greatest proponents of universal health care, and so for a Republican to win that particular seat is of monumental import. Just like lifelong Republicans voted for Obama, lifelong Democrats voted for Brown. Of course, the blame game has already started, with even those laughably blaming the loss on George W Bush.

But push come to shove, I think some of the liberals have finally gotten it through their thick heads that the tea party movement is not just some far right, Republican temporary pastime, and that it isn't just that group of conservatives who are dissatisfied with the direction this country is headed. Scott's win has scared the dickens out of many of the Democrats who see a major overhaul coming in November 2010 if they don't shape up and listen to the people. Personally, I think it's too late for them, but it looks like many are now saying we need to shelve Obamacare, in its present format, pick what is good and start from scratch. Even Barney Frank has said as much. Who knows what will happen in the next few months, Obama knows he will be a one term President, and probably could care less if its pushed through without popular support, so it could pass. I just have a feeling the blue-dog Democrats are feeling the heat right now, and will probably not be inclined to vote for a bill that could lose them their seats come November, or earlier.

Hopefully our politicians will remember Brown's win, and the next time the people speak, they'll listen.

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