Tuesday, October 24, 2006


On September 30th, at the Nepalese border with Tibet, a Romanian filmmaker (who was part of an international group of mountaineers) captured on film more than 70 Tibetan pilgrim/refugees being shot at by Chinese border guards as they tried to make their way to India. You can hear one unidentified foreign witness declaring, in English, "They are shooting them like... like dogs", and the disturbing video demonstrates just that. 2 people were killed, including a young Tibetan nun. The mountaineers claim about 20 to 30 people including about 7 to 10 children were "taken into custody", and the rest eventually made it to India. Chinese officials claim they shot in self defense, but the footage clearly shows the opposite.

Now there are reports that the foreign witnesses and their sherpas are being tracked down to silence them. It's not surprising, really, as this is so typical of totalitarian political systems, and reminiscent of another oppressive ideology, albeit a religious one: Islam. Silence or kill anyone who happens to be critical of their actions. They might have different approaches, but the end result is the same.

I have always argued that if communism is such a great system why are people forced to remain under its rule and murdered for trying to leave?! The same thing happened to the poor East Berliners from 1949 until reunification in 1990; they were shot, like animals, as they attempted to escape into West Berlin. And what I find truly frightening is the steady increase in leftist leaning politicians being elected to office, in South and Central America; and I have to wonder what that current trend will lead to, in the long run.

It also amazes me how the U.S. is still constantly condemned for its purported 'imperialism' , yet countries like China, which invaded Tibet and has been there illegally since the 1950s, are never criticized. And look at the history of the Russian Empire and that of Britain, Spain, France, and the list goes on. Comparatively speaking, America has been tame.

However, what I really want to know is why it has taken so long for this information to make it to the mainstream media? I don't recall reading anything about the September 30th shootings until recently!

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