Friday, November 03, 2006


Well, it seems that the Deutsche Oper Berlin's production of Mozart's "Idomeneo", which was cancelled in September because of fear that a particular scene showing the severed head of Mohammad (and other religious figures) could potentially inflame the Islamic community, might be reinstated, after all. They are hoping to schedule several performances sometime in December, with assurances from Berlin police that they face no overt threats.

I wrote about this back in September. At the time it appeared as if everyone was in agreement that it was the best thing to do, however, it seems that even government officials were critical of manager Kirsten Harms' decision to cancel. Chancellor Angela Merkel called it: "self-censorship out of fear." I had no idea there was such a backlash, as the article I read made no mention of this. I guess I should have read several other articles before commenting.

Good for them!!

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