Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Palestinian hatred propaganda machine

I came across a blog, recently, entitled "Peace for Palestine". Written by a Palestinian housewife (and mother of 6) I had thought (naively perhaps) that, given the title, there might be some cause for hope. Everyone hopes for peace. Perhaps she did, as well. However, I soon discovered her blog is merely an exercise in hate and that her meaning of 'peace' is conditional. True peace would necessitate finding some way of living, in harmony, with the Israelis; but her version of peace for Palestine is merely the absence of the State of Israel. In hopes of gaining some insight into the mind of someone who is so filled with hatred, I posted the following on her blog:


Please help me to understand why there is so much hatred and
violence in the Middle East and within your religion? You kill each other without reservations. Shias against Sunnis. Palestinians against Palestinians. Lebanese against Lebanese. People are killed in mosques, at weddings, funerals, market places. Women, children. You can't blame that on the west. I doubt you will respond to this, but I hope you will. The Catholics and Protestants in Ireland used to do that to each other, but not to the extent it happens in the Middle East."

This was her response:

"Actually, in some manner’s the West is involved take Fatah and
Hamas for example, the United States/ Israel is against the Hamas government. Then you have the Fatah government with Abbas at the helm that is being supported by the United States/ Israel and from what I have seen, is using Abbas with the attempt to destroy the Hamas government.Then we go to Iraq, the government their as well as the police from what I have seen are paid by the United States and the government is strickly a puppet government. You are having
and upheaval going on in this country that would not have occurred without the invasion by foreign troops.There is a problem circulating by some not all, that Shia and Sunni should not like each other. In addition, I for one, while I may not always agree with what someone else does wouldn’t perpetrate harm to that person but to the contrary; but not everyone share’s my viewpoint. Furthermore, this is not just in the Middle East but seems to be an infection globally in religion’s other the Islam.As you will find that the other events you mentioned are not just violence Muslim against Muslim, for example like in Iraq because
you are dealing with different types of Propaganda cover-ups. You spoke of Ireland, where it was not just religion against religion but politics.The main thing you need to remind yourself often time’s in the instances you referred to is not religion actually at all but, as I said Politics‘. "

As you can see, she didn't really address my questions but, as expected, conveniently placed all blame for the woes in the Middle East on Israel and the U.S. She also claims that there "seems to be an infection globally in religion's other the (sic) Islam". Oh really?! Who, pray tell, was responsible for the bombings in Spain, London, Bali, New York and the list goes endlessly on! Which religion has been the aggressor in Somalia and surrounding areas? Which religion sanctions and perpetrates suicide-bombings and encourages young children and pregnant women to commit these unholy acts? Granted, the Muslims were the victims in the Bosnian War, but that seems to have been an anomaly. The most violent, of all the current major religions, is Islam. You don't hear of Hindus, Buddhists, Christians or Jews violently striking out at others, unprovoked. The Muslims have almost always been the aggressors and this, at times, has provoked violence in response; for example, the riots in Gujarat, where Hindus massacred Muslims in retaliation for the Ghodra Train burning. But the Muslims have been persecuting the Hindus (and others) for centuries, and violence begets violence. It is a direct result of hatred, and as long as the Islamic world continues to preach and embrace hatred, violence will be a fundamental part of their world and, unfortunately, ours.

This Palestinian woman's latest entry is a reprehensible video that you can watch on You-Tube, called "Oh, Grandfather... tell me a story". Set up like a bedtime tale, you hear the voice of an old man explaining to a young Palestinian child how the evil ways of Israel and the Jews have ruined their sacred land and hence their lives. With pictures of dead children scattered throughout the video, its intent is to stoke the fires of hatred in their young. This is what they are showing their children, and this is why peace in the Middle East is almost an impossibility. Hatred is a darkness that poisons the Soul and sucks out all humanity and this is what they are feeding their children. Besides their obvious wish for the decimation of the Israeli Jewish population (and probably, by extension, all Jews) I think they have become so accustomed to violence, it has become so second nature to them, that they don't really want peace. And how can they possibly expect peace, when they really don't want it? This is their gift to their children: a legacy of violence and hate! And we suffer, as a consequence.


peddlinshutterbug said...

What a superb example of the circuitous thinking that these people are mired in. They have been told these lies from the time they were children. Those same lies that began with their precious muhammed. It is sad.. their very religion is a twisted perversion of the truth. If you have ever read the Quran, it is empty without the usurped writings, characters and stories and truths of the Torah, Old Testament, and New Testament. I run into that same evasiveness whenever I try to talk to someone who is part of that, usually the academia and 'supposedly' educated. They are blinded by it.
I find my security not in our battling it, although I know we are doing the right thing, but by knowing that there is a much greater Power in control. Keep up the informative posts.

IBN BAHYA said...

I think you are very big lyer..

please try to read shakspeer to know who is the terorist in this world. and know who want distroy this world to establish DAWOUD'sons kingdom in palesten.

why Israeli people come to ur land oregenally? go away from our land, your houses still waiting you in europ and USA, it is the best solution for all problems.

there is no Israel state and will never be .. it is the troth but some people are not beleave, they are not beleave for oil of midle east not more.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

I think you are very big lyer..

This is typical of people like ibn, to claim you are lying or wrong yet not point out any lies or errors. They just go on and talk about what they think.

there is no Israel state and will never be

They suffer from big time denial too.

As for housewife, I can't quite figure her out. Often she seems quite nice, other times I am scratching my head. Either way, she and I couldn't disagree with each other more. She claims a Westerner cannot possibly understand Eastern thinking and ways. Keep trying.

Great post. I like your blog and appreciate your comments on mine.


Incognito said...

Thank you Peddlin! I haven't had a chance to read the Q'ran, but intend to, some day. I've only read excerpts. And you are absolutely right, I also take comfort in knowing that God is in control of all things.

AICS: Yes indeedy, they are in denial and so totally consumed by their hatred that their thinking verges on irrational. You can't deal with people like that. As for housewife, she may be nice at times, but she is no better than Ibn, jusy wrapped in a nicer package. Her website is just a hatefest. I worry about her 6 kids!

Incognito said...


What have I lied about? Everything I have written about is factual truth. And I am not Israeli, though I do support their right to survival.
You talk about your that land being yours, but were you there thousands of years ago?

And you are barking up the wrong tree when you ask me to read Shakespeare. I'm an actress and have performed in many of his plays. And how Shakespeare will enlighten me about terrorism is beyond me.
I will pray for your heart and mind to embrace love rather than hatred.