Monday, October 08, 2007

Joke of the day: 2 Palestinian Moms

Two Muslim mothers were sitting in a cafe chatting over a pint of goat's milk.

The older of the moms pulled out her bag and started flipping through pictures and reminiscing. "This is my oldest son, Mohamed. He would be 24 now."

The other mom replied, "I remember him as a baby."

To which the older mom responded, "He's a martyr now."

"Oh, so sad, my dear." said the younger mom.

The older mom then flipped to another picture. "And this is my second son, Kali. He would be 21."

"Oh I remember him. He had such curly hair when he was born."

The older mom sighed, "He's a martyr, too."

"Oh gracious me" said the younger mother.

"And this is my third son. My beautiful Ahmed.! He would be 18"

"Yes" her friend interjected enthusiastically, "I remember when he first started school."

"He's a martyr also" the older mom responded with tears in her eyes. After a pause and a deep sigh, the younger Muslim mother looked wistfully at the photos and said:

"They blow up so fast, don't they?"

H/T Theo Spark

Sad, but true, although the joke isn't truly representative of Palestinian mothers, because many actually rejoice at the fact their sons and daughters are martyrs.


American Interests said...

Yea I was going to say, they do rejoice, actually celebrate, the silly fools.

Sad, that they can be so foolish and brutal.

Take care incog

Strawberry said...

They raise their children to believe that is their best and highest purpose in this life. What a sad way to live!

Pat Jenkins said...

good joke. and it is terrible incog. while i was reading this i was wondering how someone is so committed to a cause they will be happy to see one of their own die for it. it reminds me of the woman of the south during the civil war. blind belief in the fight, or selfish ambition.... who knows....

Frasypoo said...

It is a funny joke but how typical is that situation and its something that can be solved so easily!!

Renegade Eye said...

The martyr thing is less popular, after Iraq stopped funding families of suicide bombers.

Karen said...

Funny and true. But, remember, we've been told if women ran the world there would be peace!

WomanHonorThyself said...

bwhahahah!..good one Incog!

kodiak73 said...

For some reason the words martyr and suicide just don't belong in the same sentence in my opinion. It's one thing if someone is killed for a cause or even if he dies fighting for a cause but it just doesn't carry the same weight in my mind when it is done voluntarily to one's self. Would we have celebrated MLK if marched into a KKK meeting and blew himself up? Can you name one Christian Leader through the ages that is revered because he killed himself? Their use of the term "martyr" cheapens the power and sacrifice of those who were martyred for a cause. Call them fighters, murderers, bombers, or nutjobs for all I care, but the use of the term "martyr" denotes a nobler person who chose their coarse but not their fate.

JMHO - sorry to take a serious tone to a very funny joke.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey girly..hope alls well!:)

Panhandle Poet said...

If they believe martyrdom is such a great thing, why are there any left alive to create new martyrs?

H.A. Page said...

Loyalty to families, tribes and religion above education, state and civil communities incites such a wierd passion. And to think it is all in the name of religion.

Paul Champagne said...

Probably the saddest joke I've ever heard ...

Incognito said...

A.I.: It is sad that they celebrate death over life. Sigh.

STRAWB: I agree, it's actually very sick to want that for your children.

PATJ: I never thought of it in those terms... the women of the south... though I kind of see it differently. If anyone were ever to try and force me to submit to wearing a Burqa, heck I'd grab a sword.

FRASY: Yeah... replacing hate with love and tolerance.

REN: Less popular perhaps in Palestine, but there's still a lot of martyrdom in Iraq and elsewhere. And yes, Saddam was paying them big bucks for martyrdom, which makes it even sicker.

KODIAK73: No, if you are looking at it from a Christian perspective, but they do see it as martyrdom. But i agree, it does cheapen it!

WOMAN: Thanks hon. Exhausted, but things should be looking up from now on.

PAN: Because they keep procreating and have tons of kids.

H.A. PAGE: That is the sad thing, it is all in the name of religion.

PAUL: Yeah, I agree.

Jeff said...

This is in very poor taste, you must be a very cold person.

Incognito said...

Actually, far from it Jeff. This just illustrates the sickness and depravity of that whole mindset.

Incognito said...

P.S. Jeff, it's called tragic irony.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

Save me from people like Jeff that get offended at this joke, yet have no words of condemnation for the truths that make this joke possible.

Incognito said...

Yes, AICS.. quite typical though.