Friday, December 21, 2007

Palestinian Authority Rebroadcasts "Virgins of Paradise" Music Video

According to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), PA TV (the official TV station) has started re-airing the following video after approximately a year's absence from the airwaves. Why now, is a very interesting question, given the recent Annapolis Summit.

This abbreviated version of a charming little - let's glorify death 'cos you'll get your virgins now- music video, shows a beautiful, young woman waving at her boyfriend from behind a barbed wire fence. As she wriggles through and runs towards him, she is suddenly shot by the evil Israelis (or martyred as they like to call it), and is immediately transported to heaven where we see her joyously cavorting with all the other beautiful, dark-eyed virgins. (I guess they don't like blue-eyed.) The video then cuts to the grief-stricken man visiting the grave of his lover, and as he runs away, he too is 'martyred' by the Israelis. Then, like a Hallmark card advert of old, we see our beautiful young maiden opening her arms to greet her young, handsome stud-of-a-shahid (martyr). And all's well that ends well, in Muslim heaven. The Shahada (Death for Allah) propaganda video has been around since 2000, when it was constantly broadcast during the terror war years between 2000 and 2005, and then in September 2006. During those times it was used to inspire the young to martyr themselves, so if they are truly looking towards peace, why re-air this video? Their actions always seem to contradict their words, which just continues to prove them untrustworthy.

But I have some questions that I've been wondering about regarding all this virgin business:

1. If a married man martyrs himself does he also get the 72 virgins?
2. And if each man gets 72 virgins, where do all those virgins come from? Are they recycled? Do they get to share the same ones?
3. If a female martyrs herself, does she get 72 female virgins as well, or does she become one of those virgins?
4. And lastly, if female martyrs become one of the 72 virgins, what happens to the married martyrs, do they automatically revert to virgin-hood by the power of Allah?

Hmmmm. Just wondering.

For the slightly longer version (with all the emoting) click here.


American Interests said...

Just viewed the longer version with the emoting...You know what, they're a bunch of fruit cakes!

Can't help you with the four questions, but you did get me thinking....

Pat Jenkins said...

now that is something i would like to see 72 female virgins on female martyrs... ok that is enough out of me this is a family oriented program.. feel free to delete this perverted filth... back to the point of your piece. good questions and it has inspired me to a post as well incog.

John J. Kaiser said...

What a disgusting a contemptible piece of propaganda. Is their no bottom to the depravity of the "Palestinian" radicals' collective mind?

WomanHonorThyself said...

Incog..I have no more words for these animals..ugh..on a lighter note..Fa la la la to u my friend!:) and thanks for visiting WHT so often!

Aurora said...

Incognito, when you think of it, the more young girls they murder, the more 'virgins' there will be to go round. And they have the nerve to point the finger at Israelis.
As John Kaiser says, 'contemptible propaganda' is right on the money.

MondaythroughSunday said...

Ew..Yuck..Yucky..I really do not think that people understand our enemy..this is distorted thinking!

Incognito said...

AI: Pretty bad acting to boot. Well, if you figure it out, let me know.

PATJ: Will look forward to it.

JOHNK: No, I don't think there is. You just can't trust them, sadly.

WOMAN: You too Angel.

AURORA: Still... 72 per? Doesn't make sense. It is vile, though, to be continuing to air those kinds of videos.

MONDAY: Yup, yuck is right! And no, they don't. That's the problem.

HannahJ said...

But what if they murder non-Muslim girls? Do those girls go to heaven?? "Good deeds and faith in Allah" will, according to the Islamophilic websites I troll occasionally, get you to heaven...eventually. Or maybe they're taken there as slaves? Tsk, tsk, all these unanswered question! Love the post!