Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama And His Teleprompter- Or How to Sound Stupid When You Lose Track Of Your Prompter

For those of us in the entertainment industry, a teleprompter is a godsend, at least for certain projects. It means we don't have to sit for days memorizing scads of technical information for an industrial film about some science and technology product. I have filmed many, and I can tell you it takes a huge pressure off knowing that the dialogue will be available to you, and that you don't have to rely on your feeble memory to come up with technological terms you've never heard of. But, there is definitely a skill to reading a teleprompter well; they aren't that simple to use, and it takes practice to make it look natural. Obama has it down to an art. McCain doesn't.

Let's face it, Obama is a magnificent orator, as long as he is on teleprompter, but the following short video shows what happens when he loses track. It just demonstrates his flair for speechifying is only as good as his speechwriter, his teleprompter, and whoever happens to be running it.


Kate said...

An inhalator? Hmm, or an inhaler?

Wow...t-t-t-today, Junior!

Karen said...

Ah, ah, um... That's a great one, Incog! Thanks for the laugh, I could use all I can get!

Troika said...

I've seen Obama give many a good speech without a prompter.

And I've yet to see McCain give one with or without one.

This is lame.

Perhaps you're just getting desperate now...

Z said...

I have yet to see McCain give a good speech without a teleprompter...except last night in the debate. Tons of memorization there.

what did you think of the debate, incog?

Incognito said...

KATE: AT least McCain's not the only one who stumbles when he speaks. :-)

KAREN: I think we all need a good laugh, and some bursting of bubbles is needed to demonstrate the Obama isn't as wondrous as they make him out to be.

TROIKA: You'd be surprised at how many of his speeches are on prompter and you'd never know. No, not desperate, at least not yet.

Z: I think McCain does better off prompter, but just my opinion. Thought it went well.. but no-one came out the winner, at least from my POV. McCain did so much better than I had expected, thank goodness.

Pam said...

He actually said he couldn't hear himself? He should be thanking God for that! But what a lie! He is too proud to even admit he had trouble with the teleprompter. I mean my gosh, what's the big deal to admit that? He makes my skin crawl!But I digress!