Monday, February 22, 2010

Obama Makes Dalai Lama Leave By Garbage Strewn Back Door

First of all no leader of any country has the right to dictate who another government leader can or can not visit with, but China seems to feel it's entitled to do so. Chinese leaders have often made threats against anyone planning to visit with Tibet's exiled Dalai Lama, and Barack Obama has been no different. He was already denied a visit to the Oval Office last year, because of China's oversensitivity, but the threats continued when Obama decided to meet with the Dalai Lama after all. Up until the meeting today, China, like a spoiled and jealous child, relentlessly protested with threats that if Obama met with the spiritual leader ties between our two countries would be seriously jeopardized. People have had a tendency to pander to China's unfair demands about certain things including the Tibet situation, and the U.S. has been guilty of that on many occasions. I suppose it doesn't help that we owe so much of our debt to China, and we need their cooperation on many issues like North Korea and sanctions against renegade countries like Iran, but Obama finally had the balls to visit with the Dalai Lama today. Of course, it wasn't in the oval office and he was led out the back door, where the garbage is kept, like some two-bit hooker.

The least the White House could have done was to remove or cover the garbage bags before he left. Then again, perhaps that was a way to appease the Chinese- see, we won't even respect him enough to let him out the front door, or remove our trash. Such disrespect.

Thankfully, the Dalai Lama has the humbleness and grace to accept things as they are, unlike Obama's arrogance and conceit, and understood the need to keep the meeting low key. So the two Nobel Peace Prize winners, although one was undeserving of the award, met for the first time today in the map room. No reporters were allowed at the meeting, but the Dalai Lama later mentioned he had told Obama how much he admired this country's championing of "democracy, freedom, human values." Which of course, is a far cry from China's tight-fisted, oppressive, communist policies.

China, of course, considers the Dalai Lama a threat:
Although admired by millions around the world as a man of peace, the Dalai Lama is accused by Beijing of being a dangerous separatist who foments unrest in Tibet.

Ironic considering imperialist, communist China invaded Tibet in 1950, so it's not a question of separatism. Maybe some day China will grow up and stop acting like that spoiled child.

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