Monday, September 27, 2010

Torture Of Syrian Elementary School Kids Caught On Video

These two videos are sickening. It shows Syrian teachers methodically beating young elementary school kids with large sticks on their hands and feet, and in some cases forcing other children to hold the victim down. You can hear the kids howling in pain. If you listen closely you can also hear the teachers invoking "Allah".

And I thought I had it bad when my piano teacher hit my knuckles with a small stick when I was a child, as did an English teacher with a ruler. Although it drew blood and freaked her out as much as it did me, it was nothing in comparison to this. Thank God corporal punishment is not de rigeur in the West anymore.

According to the information on the youtube page, this is a nationwide problem in Syria, and one dissident said that it

".. is a policy of the Syrian regime to raise children with a culture of fear from the day they start their schooling," a Syrian dissidents who prefers to remain anonymous said. "It's funny that the government hasn't identified the teachers yet; if two teachers criticized Assad, it would take the government less than two hours to verify the identity of the suspects. But the Syrian government doesn't really care about corporal punishment on Syrian school children. Syrian prisons apply crueler punishments against political prisoners every day, so I think the governmental response was only a decoration."
Apparently the teachers were eventually identified, thanks to outrage from the Syrian people, included setting up a Facebook page and appealing to the government to do something about it.

Click here for first video.

Click here for second video.

HatTip: GaryRumain


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