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Iran To Produce French Comic's film "The Anti-Semite- The first popular comedy about the Holocaust"

France has always been a hotbed of anti-Semitism, so it's not surprising that the controversial, albeit popular, anti-Semitic French comedian, director, would-be President  Dieudonné M'bala M'bala (whose father is from Cameroon) is developing a film called "L'Antisemite-"  The poster, which has a sub title 'the first popular comedy on the Holocaust" also notes that it will be banned on TV and in movie theatres. Since no-one in that country will touch his projects, and the film will go straight to DVD and sold on his site to his subscribers who pay a 4,90 euro monthly fee,  he's had to find financing elsewhere. Not surprisingly, he's found some deep pockets in Iran.

According to the Tehran Times,  Haft Aseman Cinematic Company (HACC) have signed on to produce and finance "The Anti-Semite" (an adaptation of a play of the same name). Mohsen Ali-Akbari, Managing Director of HACC, was happy to collaborate with Dieudonné because of his own personal "anti-Zionist beliefs". 

The story of “The Anti-Semite” is set in France and shooting will begin in 45 days, he added.

Ali-Akbari said that working on the film with such a sensitive subject in France, which has a pro-Zionist for a president, poses serious dangers for the cast and crew.

“However, I will face all the dangers due to my beliefs and national devotion,” he noted.

Preliminary talks on this movie took place among Dieudonné’s company, the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and the Experimental and Documentary Film Center (EDFC) during Dieudonné’s visit to Tehran in November 2009.
Ali-Akbari signed the contract to produce the film as a representative of the EDFC.

Dieudonné is set to direct and star, while the bulk of the cast and crew will more than likely be Iranian, because, I'm sure, he'd be hard put to find even French actors willing to stoop so low.

Ali-Akbari is so delighted with his fellow anti-Semite he apparently bought the rights to another of Dieudonné's masterpieces, "The Black Code".

“The story of the film, which takes place in 1714, highlights the Zionists’ contributions to slavery in Europe,” Ali-Akbari said.

This time, though, it will be filmed in the Persian Gulf, with an Iranian director at the helm.

Although France apparently has little tolerance for overt anti-Semitism-  according to the Tehran Times article  Danish director Lars Von Trier was booted from the Cannes Film Festival for tastelessly joking about being a Hitler sympathizer- he still gets away with producing projects like his one-man show "Mahmoud".  Yes, based on Iranian holocaust-denier Ahmadinejad's denial comments at the U.N.

As for his popularity: he has almost 80,000 fans on Facebook.
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