Tuesday, February 10, 2015

ISIS In Iraq Vows To Take Over The World

Musa Abu Yusuf Shishani from the Chechen faction of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria- Katibat al-Aqsa- has just posted a video where he promises that ISIS will take over the world. The Chechens who fought in Kobani, Syria, have moved on to Iraq.  The video was filmed in Tikrit outside of one of Saddam Hussein's palaces.

For all us "infidels and idolaters" who have "murdered, destroyed, raped and imprisoned the Muslims" [pot kettle black] he had this to say:

"We are coming for you, just like the Prophet Muhammad came for the...polytheists in Mecca. Whether it is us or those who come after us, the offensive that our caliph Ibrahim [Baghdadi] began cannot be stopped."

ISIS plans to bring:
"the religion of Allah to every home," Musa Abu Yusuf adds, saying that the militants will fly their banner everywhere, including at the "palaces of Bashar [al-Assad], the towers of Washington, and the towers of the Pentagon, in every capital, in Paris, on the Kremlin."

"Try to stop us. Send your war planes, send your artillery...but no one can stop that which was promised by Allah."

Try and tell me the fight isn't rooted in Islam.

The rest on RFE/RL

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