Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Venezuelan Opposition On The Road To Victory

I was wondering how long it would take the Venezuelan people to wake up and realize that Hugo Chavez's Socialist 'Chavismo' movement was far from the promised utopia, and was actually keeping them impoverished and desperate. I guess they finally got tired of the food rationing, and the toilet paper shortage.

It took a good long 16 years, but things are looking up for the Venezolanos. It seems that even Chavistas were finally so fed up that in the latest elections the opposition Democratic Unity won a whopping 99 seats versus 46 seats the Socialist party won in the National Assembly.

About time!

There is also renewed hope that the next presidential elections will see an opposition leader take the reigns of the country and bring back economic and political stability. Henrique Capriles perhaps? You might remember Chavez's smear campaign against Capriles during the 2012 elections. Current president Nicolas Maduro can't be too happy.

More on the story here.

Congratulations to Venezuelan people for finally making the right choice!

And we have fools here who are actually pro-socialist Bernie Sanders.

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