Friday, September 28, 2018

Kavanaugh's "Meany-Face" Means He's Guilty- The Babylon Bee

A friend just turned me on to The Babylon Bee, a conservative version of the on-line satire site The Onion.  He had actually forwarded the article "Trump Supporter Executed Live On Stage At Grammy Awards"- which wouldn't seem that far fetched considering the way things are going these days. There is such palpable hatred toward Donald Trump and his supporters, no doubt the haters would be delighted if they were all executed.

I didn't think it was possible after 8 years under the uber-divisive reign of Barack Obama, but
we have become an even more polarized society since Donald Trump became the POTUS. I blame it on the relentless efforts of the media and everyone on the Left (in concert with some on the Right) to remove Trump from office since his first day as president. Actually it started when he became the Republican presidential nominee and hasn't stopped since. There are things about Trump that bother me, and some things he has done that I take issue with, but for the most part he has done some very good things for this country.

So, I was wondering  how The Babylon Bee would weigh in on the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, which is just another thing that has severely divided this country. I will share my thoughts on that later, but for the time being The BB is spot on.

"Confirmed: Unpleasant Facial Expressions Now Admissible As Evidence of Guilt".  

WASHINGTON D.C.—The FBI has introduced an advanced new CSI technique for determining whether or not a person is guilty of a crime: pausing a video of the person while making an unpleasant face. “If a person makes a meany-guy-face even for one part of a second, we’ve nailed them,” said FBI director Marlon Quinn. “They are obviously guilty; otherwise, why would they make a meany-face?”

Had to laugh because as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed that's exactly what people were thinking. Hyper critical of his justifiable emotional response and anger. 

Read the rest here.

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