Wednesday, September 11, 2019

9/11 2019- Never Ever Forget

Hard to believe it's been 18 years since we were viciously attacked by Islamist terrorists on September 11, 2001. Almost 3,000 people were mercilessly killed on that day, and that's not counting all those first responders and civilians who have since died- and will die in the future- from 9/11 related injuries and diseases from toxins and dust at Ground Zero. That accounts for another 1,400 or so people to date. That's a hell of a lot of people. Murdered in cold blood.

It's estimated around 200 people fell or jumped to their deaths. I cannot even fathom what they must have been going through at the time when they had to make the decision to either jump or burn to death.  Horrifying.

In 2015 published 30 photos from 9/11 as a reminder of why we must never forget September 11.


Carmen Taylor/AP

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