Friday, April 04, 2008

Mugabe Won't Relinquish Power So Easily!

After 20 plus years of iron-fisted, dictatorial rule, did anyone really think Robert Gabriel Mugabe would ride off into the sunset without some sort of a fight?

Let’s get real. This is a man who ranked number 7 in’s 2007 “Top 20 of the World’s Worst Dictators” list, and number 6 in 2008’s. A man who has, singlehandedly, driven a once prosperous country into an economic downfall that rivals few other nations. In fact, Zimbabwe ranks tops for the world’s highest inflation rate, at 100,000 percent! Despots never go quietly into the night, they fight tooth and nail to hang on to the power and glory they’re accustomed to; by legal or illegal means. Look how long Fidel Castro lasted. Vladimir Putin ensured his continuing lust for power, by merely switching leadership positions. Hugo Chavez is in it for the long haul. There are too many others to mention, but they will all do what is necessary to retain control, and in those countries that lack democracy, anything goes, including jailing and killing opposition leaders.
In spite of major losses in Zimbabwe’s parliament, and an obvious presidential loss, Mugabe is calling for a runoff. In fact, today his police raided a hotel housing the offices of Movement for Democratic Change, whose secretary general Tendai Biti claims:
“We maintain that we have won the presidential election outright without the need for a runoff.”
Although, he generously conceded they would participate in a runoff if need be. Another hotel, frequented by foreign journalists, was also raided and several of them detained. Biti stated,
“Mugabe has started a crackdown.... it is quite clear he has unleashed a war.”
Claiming this was only the beginning of worse to come, he was very clear about the opposition refusing to go into hiding:

“You can’t hide away from fascism. Zimbabwe is a small country. So we are not going into hiding. We are just going to have to be extra
No-one seems to mention why the reporters were targeted, but I surmise it has something to do with the fact that Mugabe’s government barred many international news organizations from covering the March 29 elections which, of course, makes sense. No tyrant leader wants reporters to witness the rigging of elections.

We shall see what transpires over the next few days, but it more than likely will not be pretty.

According to Committee To Protect Journalists (CPJ) a NY Times reporter, Barry Beark, was arrested for “violation of the journalism laws.”


Karen said...

Until I noticed your update, I was going to mention the jailing of journalists now. Not good.

Righty64 said...

I have been on this the last couple of days. You know, being that today, or whats left of it, is the 40th anniversary of the assasination of Dr. Martin Luther King, I wonder what he would be saying about this situation. And, we can also compare what has happened in Zimbabwe with South Africa. South Africa had it much worse under apartheid, but so much has been done to reconcile the nation and while there is much to do, South Africa can be a model for the rest of the African contienent.

WomanHonorThyself said...

great post hun..and youre right...the racism is shameful in the world today.

Incognito said...

KAREN: Everyone thought he'd fade away... never happen. and not surprising he's lashing out all over the place.

RIGHTY: He'd be devastated. Most of the African continent is in major turmoil... and we stand by impotent. South Africa has come a long way... but power is far too strong and aphrodisiac.

WOMAN: It is sad it still exists today.

Pat Jenkins said...

good stuff incog. question. what do you think america's, or her citizens, responsibility is to the rest of the world in response to dictatorships?

Incognito said...

PJ: As you probably have guessed, I am not an isolationist. Not that we can go in and knock out every dictator in the world, but if they are perpetrating some form of genocide on a certain segment of their population, I think something should be done. Had we intervened in Germany sooner, many lives would have been saved.