Wednesday, April 30, 2008

After All "He's A Politician"- The 2 Faces Of Obama

Turns out Barack Obama- the messiah of the Democratic Party, the self-righteous, purported agent of change is simply "... a politician [snip] and he says what he has to say as a politician." At least according to his preacher of 20 years, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. That comment, in a recent interview with PBS's Bill Moyers, was an obvious knee-jerk reaction to Obama semi-dissing him in Philadelphia and Indiana when pressed about his connection to Wright's virulently anti-American, hate-fest of a United Trinity Church of Christ. But Wright's outright betrayal in the interview, and in subsequent appearances at an NAACP fundraiser and the National Press Club, in turn, spawned a retaliatory full condemnation by Obama, on Tuesday, in both a news conference and a written statement. Of Wright, Obama said:

"He's drawn attention as the result of some inflammatory and appalling remarks he made about our country, our politics, and my political opponents. Let me say at the outset that I vehemently disagree and strongly condemn the statements that have been the subject of this controversy. I categorically denounce any statement that disparages our great country or serves to divide us from our allies. I also believe that words that degrade individuals have no place in our public dialogue, whether it's on the campaign stump or in the pulpit. In sum, I reject outright the statements by Rev. Wright that are at issue."
And at a news conference in North Carolina, Obama further hung Wright out to dry by adding:

"I am outraged by the comments that were made and saddened over the spectacle that we saw yesterday. [snip] The person that I saw yesterday was not the person that I met 20 years ago. [snip] I find these comments appalling. [snip] His comments were not only divisive and destructive, but I believe that they end up giving comfort to those
that prey on hate."
Responding to Wright's contention that Obama denounced the Pastor for political expediency, he stated:
"if Reverend Wright thinks that that's political posturing, as he put it, then he doesn't know me very well."
After commenting on the good deeds Wright had performed in the past, Obama went on to say:

"..but, when he states, and then amplifies, such ridiculous propositions as the U.S. government somehow being involved in AIDS; when he suggests that Minister Farrakhan [leader of the Nation of Islam] somehow represents one of the greatest voices of the 20th and 21st century; when he equates the United States' war time efforts with terrorism, then there are no excuses, they offend me, they rightly offend all Americans and they should be denounced."
But whether he truly means what he says, or is denouncing Wright for political gain, (considering the Pied Piper of the Dems has recently lost some of his mass appeal), is subject to conjecture. What we do know, definitively, is that Obama is not who he claims to be.

We all have our public and private personas, and although we try to keep those 2 faces apart, every once in a while they unwittingly collide. As a private citizen you can rest assured that, for the most part, nothing will come of it, but those in the public arena who believe that what lies behind their outward appearance will somehow remain forever buried, are exceedingly ignorant.

Yes, I think we can all agree that Barack Obama, on the surface, and at least until his recent troubles, was one helluva charismatic speaker; he had the ability to galvanize and inspire, to bring disparate groups together. A great televangelist, perhaps, but as the next President of the United States of America, during these trying times? No way! For those who have been digging deeper beneath that fresh, baby-faced, we need major change facade, some dark realities have surfaced. Why Obama thought he would never be held accountable for the questionable people he associates with, proves his tremendous lack of discernment, which is not a quality we need in a President! Furthermore, if he truly had no idea what the Reverend Wright was preaching, for the past 20 years, then he lacks sufficient enough brain cells to be Commander in Chief.

It is said that you can judge a person's character by the company they keep. So let's take a peek at the colorful characters Obama has been associated with:

1. Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama's Pastor for 20 years, is very obviously racist, anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-middle class, anti pretty much everything. And although Obama claims "he has never been my political advisor", he actually prayed with the Reverend prior to announcing his candidacy. Why Obama waited until now to formally and categorically denounce Wright for the ludicrous claims and rants he has shared with his congregants over the years, just proves Obama is a political opportunist, not to be trusted. Bill Moyers in the interview with Wright mentions "Here is a man who came to see you 20 years ago wanting to know about the neighborhood. Barack Obama was a skeptic when it came to religion. He sought you out because he knew you knew about the community. You led him to the faith." One has to wonder if Obama had his sights set on the White House back then, and whether this 20 year affiliation was a mere tactic to help him get there.

2. William Ayers, of Weatherman fame hosted a 1995 campaign fundraiser for Obama, and has served on panels and on the board of the Woods Fund of Chicago with him. Ayers, founder of the radical left-wing organization the Weather Underground, and other members were responsible for bombing federal buildings and banks in the late 1960s and 1970s. Ayers and his wife, fellow terrorist Bernardine Dohrn, were in hiding for a number of years, and although they eventually turned themselves in, they were never charged, due to prosecutorial misconduct. Ayers and Dohrn, now prominent academics in Chicago (God help our kids), in 2001 claimed they had no regrets, whatsoever for their past terrorist actions.

3. Antoin Rezko, indicted entrepreneur, restaurateur, real estate developer. There's a whole blog devoted to the Obama/Rezko connection, and there's more than meets the eye with respect to some real estate Obama purchased through Rezko, for a pittance of what it was worth.

Then we have the whole 'elitist' flap that occurred after the champion of the common man actually called the common man "bitter", at a private political fundraiser in San Francisco. I can guarantee that the comment was never meant to go public. And then we have awife, Michelle, who proclaims this is the first time, in her adult life, that she has been proud to be an American.

What we are left with is a man who claims to be someone he's not. A man who is either a very clever, convincing liar or an incredibly stupid man. Either way, he does not deserve to be our next President.


Pat Jenkins said...

you echo a stance of myself incog.... obama has been destroyed by this, he is done, so the right has accomplished the tar and feathering of him. (i leave no wink of racial undertone wth that.) so where do we go from here. the idea of liberalism does not die with his candidacy. hillary has her rezko's and ayers'. mccain has his left tendacies. i am happy with his demise, i am also more discouraged this nation will move left no matter.

Jen said...

I completely agree with Pat. I think even if Obama is out, Clinton is in. Because there will be no more battling. The decision has been made and it wasn't done by slander from the Clinton campaign. November is a long way off. People will have forgotten the back and forth that's been going on lately between Clinton and Obama. It's a win-win for her. He's out and she didn't have to do it. He did it to himself.

And to be honest, I would have to go with the first option. "a very clever, convincing liar".

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey Incog!..ah yes he needs to crawl under the racist rock he emerged from with his pastor in tow!!!

Monday through Sunday said...

Brilliant Post!!

Karen said...

Good post here, Incog - like you said, great minds hang together! This is such a mess for the campaign with two giant egos doing battle. I say let it continue. The real man is emerging, not the bubble wrapped saint he portrayed himself to be.

The pressure on the SuperDelegates will be intense until Puerto Rico votes in June. I hope Hillary's number stay high in Indiana.

Incognito said...

PATJ: I still think there will be some ups and downs, as far as the 2 Dems go..but they will have to deal with the delegate situation. And I can guarantee that there will be blood (figuratively speaking)if Clinton manages to steal the nom from him. As for McCain... I think I have a tad more positive outlook about the whole thing. But we shall see in Nov. Anything can happen between now and then.

JEN: As I mentioned above... no-one has this in the bucket. And as you say..November is a long way off. HAve a feeling there are going to be surprises for each and every one of them.

WOMAN: Well, don't think they're best of friends anymore. :-)

MONDAY: Thanks Miss Mel!

KAREN: :-) Not sure what i think.. polls show that Hillary now has a better chance of beating McCain.. but I think that's going to an ongoing seesaw.. Don't think we'll actually know until Nov.

Nikki said...

Great post, and as I read it, it struck me that Jeremiah may be the one to further destroy Obama...he may have "evidence" that Obama indeed shares the same philosophy. If he is ticked off enough at Obama for throwing him under the bus then he may just rat him out! Very mind-jogging post. loved it. :)N

Incognito said...

NIKKI: Thanks Nikki.. never underestimate the wrath of a preacher scorned. but, he won't go down fighting. these 2 people have been salivating for the presidency for many a year, neither is going to give up without a fight.

Righty64 said...

Great post! I think taht at the end of the day, it will have been easier for Sen. Barack to have dispatched the "Rev." Wright than wife Michelle. After all, I think that she is the secular version of the "Rev." Wright.

Incognito said...

RIGHTY: Was talking to a colleague at the show tonight and he said that there are those who think it was planned... that they both decided to play it outin this way.. to get it out in the open before the convention. Who knows.. but, he is a liar. Then again, so is Hillary.