Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Palestinian Hatred In Our Own Backyard- Ft. Lauderdale Pro-Hamas Demonstration Shows Their True Colors

This whole situation in Gaza seems to have flushed all of the anti-Semitic rats out into the open. Yes, I know most will say they are NOT anti-Israel, they are NOT anti-Jewish, they are simply anti-Zionist, but I don't buy that for a minute. You simply have to look at the comments on pro-Palestinian blogs (or other Islamic sites) to see that it goes way beyond Zionism. It's truly sickening.

A recent pro-Hamas demonstration, right here in downtown Ft. Lauderdale, Florida , on December 30, 2008, also shows their true colors, in no uncertain terms. The Sun-Sentinel account of the anti-Israel/U.S. protest was shamefully tame, considering what actually occurred there. I emailed the reporter asking him why, but have yet to hear back. I will update, if and when I hear back.

On the other hand, Tom Trento, of the Florida Security Council , took his video camera and walking amongst the Palestinian protesters shot approximately 5 to 6 minutes of footage of the hate-fest.

To set the scene: According to Trento some 200 to 300 people amassed (over time) at a busy intersection of downtown Ft. Lauderdale. Across the street were about 50 pro-Israeli supporters. One has to wonder why the Sun-Sentinel reporter, Scott Wyman, quoted the following: "Pro-Palestinian demonstrators called on the United States to stop aid to Israel. Ahmad Suid of Naples brought his 8-year-old son and 9- and 10-year-old daughters to the rally holding signs saying "Stop the Genocide" and "I'm not a terrorist.""This is absolutely inhumane," Suid said. "This is a modern-day holocaust.""

and not the following:

A young Palestinian woman shouting "You loser. Your mother's whore!" Others, shouting, "Go back to the oven!! You need a big oven, that's what you need!!" Another young woman holding a Nuke Israel placard screamed " Nuke, nuke Israel!!" "There is no Israel!!" And many shouts of "Go to hell, Israel!!"

At one point, Trento films an African-American Imam calling the male protesters to prayer. The Imam then spends a few minutes rallying the troops in Arabic. I haven't a clue what he said, but whatever it was, it riled up the crowd, and I can guaran-damn-tee you it was inflammatory. Trento then shows the Palestinians violently and aggressively attempting to confront the pro-Israeli group, as the police attempt to hold them back.

There is also a short interview with the Imam explaining how the Muslims must try harder to educate people about Islam, "..because once people really understand the real beauty of Islam, they will have no choice but to accept it, because they will realize it's part of their nature." Telling words. No choice but to accept.

The real beauty of Islam? Great way of educating, dude- young girls in Hijab telling people to fuck themselves, screeching "Nuke Israel". Angry Arabs shouting obscenities. Lovely.

Part of my nature? Not mine!

Accept it? Over my dead body.


Pat Jenkins said...

WELL DONE here incog, way to stay up on this!!.... this incident may also flush out the anti-semitist rats in the obama administration as well. which i fear are many!!!

Frasypoo said...

It makes me so mad at the news.Why have a news station if its not fair and unbiased ?

Unknown said...

I'm linking you this in a special post about several different demonstrations of this sort that had happened in the West.

A real shame.

Thanks for writing about it.

Hugs from Spain.

Incognito said...

PATJ: Had I known, I would have trekked over there, with my camera. Let's hope, you're right.

FRASYPOO: Sun Sentinel was the newspaper, not sure they even had tv news coverage, although if they had, I'm sure it would have also been tame.

NORA: Any time, Nora.. gracias.
Hugs back!

brenda cox giguere said...

Great job on this article, Incog. Work like yours is a reminder how out to lunch the MSM is.