Monday, January 26, 2009

Bad Boy Blagojevich Goes Bonkers

I can't decide whether Rod Blagojevich is incredibly stupid, supremely arrogant, totally nuts or all of the above. Maybe that mop of hair has somehow put too much pressure on his brain and he's just flipped out. But you have to admit, the Illinois Governor has been highly entertaining these past few months, since he was busted trying to sell Obama's vacant senate seat. He's run the gamut from denial to defiance to paranoia to outright lunacy.

He's been in denial since day one, and continues to be so. In a recent interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC'S Good Morning America, Sawyer asked Blago if he had done anything wrong. His response,

"Absolutely not and I'll have a chance in a criminal case to show evidence and bring witnesses. And this impeachment trial actually gives me an opportunity, if it was fair, if it allowed me to actually bring witnesses, to prove that the allegations are not true."

Does he truly think he will be exonerated when FBI wire taps have him saying things like
"I got this thing and it's bleepin' golden. I'm just not giving it up for bleepin' nothing.".

And, he claims the Illinois house is out to get him because he helped the people of Illinois.

"The causes of the impeachment are because I've done things to fight for families."

Huh? What delusional, paranoiac world is this man living in? But I guess he might as well chalk it up to some kind of conspiracy theory since he has no other leg to stand on.

His latest bizarro act is claiming he had considered offering the seat to Oprah Winfrey. How wacky is that?!

And it's not just trying to auction off the senate seat the man is guilty of. The Chicago Sun Times compiled the following list of transgressions:

1. Gov. Blagojevich plotted to auction off President-elect Barack Obama's U.S. Senate seat for personal benefit.

2. Blagojevich tried to get members of the Chicago Tribune editorial board fired.

3. The governor signed a bill in exchange for a campaign contribution from the horse racing industry.

4. Blagojevich awarded a Tollway contract in exchange for campaign contributions.

5. The governor threatened to withhold reimbursements to hospitals and doctors in Illinois in exchange for campaign contributions.

6. The governor engaged in pay-to-play in making appointments, and plotted to award a state job to Ali Ata with the Illinois Finance Authority in exchange for campaign contributions.

7. The governor tried to award state contracts to Joseph Cari for campaign contributions.

8. Blagojevich attempted to exchange state permits for campaign cash.

9. The governor failed to abide by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules and unlawfully expanded the FamilyCare program.

10. Blagojevich purchased additional flu vaccines without proper approval, making the sale illegal.

11. The governor attempted to import prescription drugs from Canada without consent of the Food and Drug Administration.

12. Blagojevich did not follow the appropriations process when he allocated money for the Agency Efficiency Initiative.

13. The governor violated both state and federal laws in the firing and hiring of various state employees.

That's some list of accomplishments!

As entertaining as this whole saga has been, I find the man incredibly distasteful. He looks like a a 2-bit thug, and you have to wonder how on earth did he manage to get elected Governor of Illinois not once, but twice!

If he had any shred of dignity he would have stepped down ages ago. And had he been a Republican, this prolonged circus act would have ended long ago.


CRS said...

Just found your blog, love it. Have you noticed that even though the democrats now have the house, the senate and the white house how irritable and defensive they are? Shouldn't they be celebrating? Barack's approval rating dropping week 1 from 83 to 68 is just the beginning of a long slide down.

Pat Jenkins said...

incog i love blago! i want to party with this guy. i know the sensible thing to do is to boot him off the stage, but who needs sensibility!!...

WomanHonorThyself said...

dignity and lib politicians dont go together..surely u know that girl!

Fripouille said...

I personally don't give a damn whether he goes down on corruption/political corruption charges.

No, what's important for me is the Oprah Winfrey thing. I mean, Oprah in politics, that constitutes a THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY!!!

He deserves the chair for that. Or an asylum.

From your forgiving correspondant...

Pamela Zydel said...

If Blago were a Republican there wouldn't be an impeachment trial, because the Democrats would've demanded his resignation and he would've given it. He would've been guilty immediately. But since he's a Democrat we were supposed to give him the benefit of the doubt; he's innocent until proven guilty, etc., etc. Just like with Obama, we're supposed to give him a "chance". Unlike the Left and their "Hate Bush" antics for 8 years beginning on Jan 20, 2001.

Karen Townsend said...

Blago is not stupid, that's for sure. He's played the media like a fiddle. They've all dropped everything and covered his antics. He's great entertainment. I think he's nuts, but that's just my opinion. Plus, I don't think the Feds have much of a real case on him, when it comes time for a criminal trial, if Fitzgerald gets the indictments together. TIme will tell.

Incognito said...

CRS: Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, but they're always like that. I think they're just scared they're going to screw up and lose everything in 2012. Which hopefully they will. Plus isn't it interesting the Dow dropped on his inauguration day?!

PATJ: Well, maybe you can now, Peej.. he's going to have a lot of time on his hands.

WOMAN: Yeah, I do.. but... :-)

LETTERSFROMLYON: :-) Course Oprah would have been just as qualified as Caroline Kennedy. And I think an asylum would do. He's certainly certifiable. He was born in the wrong country, had he been born in South America, he'd already be a dictator.

PAMELA: Very true! He would have resigned, as most Repubs in trouble have. It's your typical liberal double standards.

KAREN: He's definitely nuts... like Chavez and all those others with major personality disorders.