Friday, April 24, 2009

The Haters Versus Patriots

Thought this was great, from Zack over at Diversity Lane. Sad, that in this great country of ours, there are people who still find so many things to hate about this land. Nothing is good enough. And yes, we have much to fix, but at least we have the options to right what is wrong, fix what is broken.

God Bless this country!


Anonymous said...

that's a good one!

Barry O said...

Funny=- I did the same thing!

Zack R said...

Thanks for the post, Incog. Someone wrote me, "What's the kid doing with toy soldiers in that All Leftist/All the Time family? Sheepishly I had to admit that he was right: the Lanes would NEVER allow such violenct playthings to enter their home. Still, what other choice did I have in order to perpetrate the gag? You know any other way for a little flag to find it's way onto the living room floor??

Mike said...

LOL!! Thanks - I needed that!