Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Squelching Free Speech: Pissy Perez Hilton VS Miss California (Carrie Prejean)

Since when do we, as Americans, not have the right to voice an opinion? As much as gays have the right to state they should be able to marry, those who oppose the idea have as much right to disagree. This whole issue was thrown into the spotlight by one vicious, nasty little guy called Perez Hilton, who had the gall to ask beauty contestant Miss California, Carrie Prejean, what her beliefs were regarding gay marriage. First of all, what kind of baiting question is that? Second of all, she's entitled to her opinion, whether you agree or not, because this is a free country! Just because someone might not agree with gay marriage, and there are plenty of gay people who don't, does NOT mean one is anti-gay. She probably lost the title because of her answer.

Perez also took it upon himself to try and destroy a Florida photographer who emailed chastising him for the Miss California fiasco, by posting the email on his blog- address, phone number etc. Granted, the photographer's choice of words was very distasteful, but Perez had no right to publish that information.

His website got overloaded and crashed. And his email inbox filled up with hate mail. Someone wanted to burn his home. Someone else wrote about killing him and his family.

So, while people get bent out of shape because there are those who believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, where is the outcry regarding stories regarding the torture and murder of gays in the Middle East? There was a recent story about gay men in Iraq having their anuses glued shut, then being force-fed a liquid that causes diarrhea, which leads to eventual death. Shouldn't they be blogging about that?

Perez Hilton, and the like, are truly pathetic for their spitefulness and lack of priorities!


Justin said...

Thanks be to God, we live in a free nation, politically and socially, one in which anyone can live with, and love, whomever they want. Homosexuals today can have their unions blessed in any number of churches and other religious bodies, and they live their lifestyle openly, with widespread toleration and even support from employers and governments. However, the nuclear family has always had special privilege in the eyes of society, since forming a permanent bond to care for children is the most challenging thing anyone can do, yet also the most important, for the healthy family is the foundational cornerstone of our society and civilization. For this reason, marriage has been defined as the union between one man and one woman, a definition supported by the sacred words of Jesus Christ himself, whom I take as my lord and savior. Taking my guidance from the traditions of our people, and the guidance of our religious leaders, I support that traditional definition of marriage. Thank you.

<-- What she would have said, had she know such an ambush question was coming.

Zack R said...

Stunning post, Incog-- thanks. More appreciated EVEN than your kind posting of my drawing is your attitude and writing here-- totally spot on. Many gays in America today are, sadly, enthralled by the Left and its warped thought processes: always a rationality-withering association. Common sense would seem to dictate that "Live and Let Live," a fellow human being is entitled to their view, much as you dislike it, without attacking them with McCarthyite vindictiveness and attempted ruination. A parallel Leftist madness running concurrent to this episode is the situation of the Left-- this time "journalists," rather than gays-- attempting to ruin and besmirch the perfectly righteous CIA associates who formulated waterboarding in an effort to draw information from captured terrorists (WITHOUT doing permanent harm, I might add). As with Prejean, they are to be pilloried and hounded by the proto-fascistic, McCarthyite menace that is today's rabid, unhinged Left.

Homeopath said...

another great post!

Pat Jenkins said...

happy mother's day to perez hilton's mom... he he.. and happy mom's day to your mumsie incog!! i hope you have a great day with her!!....