Saturday, April 24, 2010

RevolutionMuslim Spawns RevolutionIslam- We're mad and we're not going to take it anymore!

In retaliation, I presume, for RevolutionMuslim's death threats against the guys at "South Park", Trey Parker and Matt Stone, for their Muhammad the Bear episode (which the chicken- livered people at Comedy Central censored beyond recognition) comes ta-da.....


It's a bare-bones site, but makes its point clear. is not up and running right now, but I'm sure it will resurface, either in its past form or in a different incarnation.

People are getting very fed up with the overreaction from the Muslim world (like Malyasia's demand for an apology from Parker/Stone) and they're responding in kind. Blazing Cat Fur has a post with some interesting links, including one from Europe. The Islam In Europe blog talks about the Swedish anti-Islam Skåne Party's naked Mohammed with Aisha posters plastered around Malmö. You can check him out in all his naked glory at BCFs blog.


M.A. said...

Agreed. Comedy Central is spineless. They should have aired the uncensored version.

And RevolutionMuslim is located in New York, so they should be functioning under our laws. I hope they are being heavily investigated, and really, shouldn't charges be filed for making a death threat and inciting violence?

If anything, it's the Media's job to call this organization to the carpet...but, then again, the Media hasn't been doing its job for a long time.

Incognito said...

M.A., this is how they gain control, through cowardice. Although I can see, in a way, their sides of the issue. When you're dealing with a horde of irrational, violent, religious fanatics you fear for your life and it's easier to just back down. But this only empowers them.

And yes, they're in Brooklyn, I think. They should be investigated since calling for the death of an individual does not fall under the purview of free speech, which RM seems to think it does.

Just wrote another post.. they're back writing on blogger and clearly state that death is justified by the Quran. Scary stuff.