Monday, January 03, 2011

The Devil Made Him Do It- Claims Saudi Serial Rapist

Apparently Saudi Arabia, the throne of Islamic fundamentalism (Wahhabism) and home to the holiest of holy sites in Islam (Mecca) has serial rapists. Apparently a man who happens to work at a school (and what better place to find your victims) systematically raped 17 young girls including a 13-year-old. Not that her age would make it any more heinous a crime, considering they marry them off younger than that over there. But rather than own up to his pedophilic perversion, he blamed it on the devil. Yes, I guess Westerners aren't the only ones to cop to the whole "the devil made me do it' plea.

According to Anbakuk newspaper

The unnamed man, a school employee, had used his religious treatment and dream interpretation skills to seduce the girls to his house, where he “had sex with them and tore their virginity."

The poor 13-year-old apparently begged the deviant to “heal her virginity.” And he didn't just target Arab women, he also had a penchant for Indonesians, as well.

“Police also found texts and phone numbers of many other women in his mobile phone…the victims included Arab and Indonesian girls.”

His excuse:

“The man told the court in Riyadh that he had been seduced and commanded by the devil to commit such acts…the court will soon sentence him.”

I guess there are perverts in Islam too.


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