Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spain Sponsors Palestinian "Boycott Israeli Goods" TV Ad

The Palestinians have started airing a TV ad promoting the boycotting of Israeli goods. With their flare for the over dramatic, the ad shows a couple of men (one of them a shopkeeper) discussing the boycott. They both agree Israeli products are, for the most part, better than Palestinian goods and that this is what the Palestinians demand. A young boy, who has been listening to the conversation, opts to buy the Israeli potato chips, until he hears gun fire (obviously evil Israeli soldiers). In response, he drops his chips on the floor and asks for Palestinian chips instead. It ends with the words:

"Don't prolong the occupation's life upon our land".

Now, it's not really surprising that the Palestinians would produce and subsequently air an ad endorsing the boycott of Israeli goods, in spite of the fact that Palestinian products obviously stink. After all, they're not the only ones calling for a boycott of everything Israeli. This is something that has been going on for years. What was surprising, however, was the fact that the Spanish government and a Spanish NGO sponsored the ad. Prominently displayed at the end of the video are their logos, in case anyone has any doubts.

I suppose I'm really not surprised, but rather disgusted that a foreign government would sponsor a boycott of another democratic country. And where do the Palestinians expect to get their supplies from? They'll soon be pissing and moaning about not having enough goods.

Now go out and buy some Israeli goods!

The transcript of the TV ad as published on the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) wesbite:

A boy enters a store and overhears a conversation.
Customer to shopkeeper: "Do you see them? They're plastering the city with advertisements about boycotting Israeli goods."
Shopkeeper: "I can't not bring in [Israeli products], because people ask for them."
Customer: "Israeli products are better than the local products."
Shopkeeper to the boy: "What do you want?"
Boy, after looking at Israeli products: "I want Israeli chips."
He takes the chips, walks to the door, and hears gunfire. He looks around, drops the chips on the floor, returns to the shopkeeper and says: "I don't want the Israeli product, I want the Palestinian product."

The advertisement ends by displaying the text: "Don't prolong the occupation's life upon our land," with the logo of the Palestinian NGO Health Work Committees, followed by the logos of the ad's sponsors:
The Spanish government,
the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
AECID (Spanish governmental humanitarian aid development),
ACSUR (a Spanish non-profit organization),
Canaan Joint Development Project for Jerusalem (Palestinian).

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SnoopyTheGoon said...

Since then a Spanish diplomat denied that Spain financed that ad and even used a few harsh words (well, as a diplomat, of course).

And another point: most Palestinians, at least in the West Bank, are chomping on these potato chips (or whatever) quite apolitically.