Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spanish Website To Sign Up For Obamacare A Mess

According to a post by Andrew Sullivan in his Daily Dish, besides young people, for Obamacare to work it needs the almost 15 million uninsured Hispanics to sign up (many of whom are young), and yet the Spanish language ACA website  is a mess. Apparently, there are links to English forms, translations that appear to be "computer-generated", or more than likely from one of those on-line free translation sites.

Sullivan says:

It is hard to believe that the same team that won two elections is so hampered by federal contracting rules that it can produce something like this. There are worse examples of how government cannot do many things right – but this one, run by technocrats, with plenty of time to prep, will loom large in the public’s imagination for some time. 

Sullivan, who considers himself a conservative, actually voted for Barack Obama.


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