Friday, January 03, 2014

Kim Jong-Un Fed Uncle and 5 Aides To 120 Starving Dogs

Apparently North Korea has a means of executing state enemies called "quan jue"- that's where the victim is stripped naked and then fed to hunting hounds in a cage. According to Wen Wei Po, a pro-China newspaper based in Hong Kong, that was the fate of Kim Jong-un's uncle Jang Song-thaek and five of his aides. 120 dogs finished them off in an hour and witnessed by the 31-year-old Jong-un, and 300 or so DPRK officials including Kim Jong-chol, his older brother.

Al-Arabiya says of the leak:

The leak of the brutal execution by a newspaper known as the mouthpiece of the Chinese government has raised speculation about China’s growing frustration with North Korea especially after the purge of senior leaderships with close ties to China.

The Global Times, linked to the Chinese Communist Party organ, followed up on Wen Wei Po’s report with strongly worded editorial calling upon China to no longer coddle North Korea, according to the Straight Times.

If there is any truth to this, what a sick little man.


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