Thursday, June 26, 2014

Half-Fox, Half-Woman Creature A Hit At Pakistan Zoo

I admit, I once played a Blueberry for some promotional gig. It was hotter than hades inside that contraption of a costume, and being pushed and shoved by kids was not worth the paltry sum I received for the job.  As actors, we've all subjected ourselves to humiliation for some extra bucks. But Pakistani Murad Ali's paying gig is probably the most humiliating and bizarre I've ever heard of.  Murad plays a  "mythical half-fox, half-woman creature" at the Karachi Zoo (see photo above) for the better part of the day. He inherited the part from his daddy Mumtaz Mahal after the man passed away 16 years ago.

Murad Ali, impersonates a woman with a fox carcass apparently attached to his head, saying (Urdu): "The visitors go away happy. And knowing that they feel happy makes me happy too. There is a bond of love between me and them. Life is very short; it should be spent spreading smiles."

And Mumtaz isn't just a pretty face - for 12 hours a day, the mythical creature offers insights about wide ranging topics - from marriage advice to school tests.

Mohammad Osama, sixth grade student, saying (Urdu): "I feel good. I had a nice talk with her. I'm really happy."
If you're ever in Karachi you too can get sage advice from Murad for a mere 10 U.S. cents.

Source: Al Arabiya

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