Monday, June 23, 2014

Judge Orders Deployed Sailor Attend Custody Hearing Or Lose Daughter- ACTION ALERT

Another judge that has no right adjudicating.

U.S. Naval Petty Officer Matthew Hindes won full custody of his young daughter Kaylee in 2010. Child Protective Services actually removed the child from Hindes' ex-wife Angela due to neglect. He is now remarried and the young girl is living with her step-mother Benita-Lynn in Washington state while Hindes is serving aboard a submarine in the Pacific Ocean.  In spite of the fact that he is out of the country on a ship in the middle of the ocean, Michigan Circuit Court Judge Margaret Noe has said that if Hindes does not appear in court this coming Monday, he will lose custody of the child.

He should be protected by the Service Members Civil Relief Act, but Noe doesn't seem to care. She believes:

 “If the child is not in the care and custody of the father, the child should be in the care and custody of the mother.”

According to Benita-Lynn, Noe has also ordered an arrest warrant for Hindes if he does not appear.

This is one judge who needs to step down.  You can help by signing a petition demanding Noe's resignation.

Sign the petition.

H/T: Topright News

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