Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Filipino Beheaded In Libya For Being Non-Muslim

Libyan militiamen kidnapped and then beheaded a Filipino construction worker after his vehicle was "stopped at a checkpoint" and it was discovered that he was not Muslim. He was traveling with a Libyan and Pakistani. Obviously Muslim, they were spared.  Apparently, the kidnappers wanted $160,000 ransom for the man, but according to Charles Jose, Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, he was probably already dead when negotiations started.

"... after four days of negotiations, a call was received bringing the tragic news that his headless, decomposing body is at a hospital in Benghazi."
There are around 13,000 Philippine nationals working in Libya, all of whom have been told to evacuate. Post haste.

The Department of Foreign Affairs strongly reiterates its call to all Filipino nationals in Libya to return home as soon as possible,” it said. Adding that Level 4 or “Mandatory Evacuation” has been raised and that no Filipino national will be allowed to travel to Libya.
“Alert Level 4 has been raised due to the latest security developments in Libya, the increasing violence and lawlessness, the closure of major airports, the heightened security threat to Filipinos, particularly in Benghazi, where a Filipino worker was kidnapped on July 15 and confirmed dead yesterday,” the statement read.
Source: Al Arabiya

And Muslims wonder why we have such a problem with their religion.

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