Thursday, July 24, 2014

Conspiracy Nutters Claim Malaysian Air M17 False Flag Operation

It didn't take long for the conspiracy theory wackos to crawl out of the woodwork regarding the tragic shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight M17 over the Ukraine. No-one knows for sure what exactly happened, and everyone is pointing fingers- the Ukrainian government, the pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists, the separatists with the help of Russia, Russia. Much of the evidence points to the separatists, and that perhaps it was an accident- they goofed up thinking they were targeting a Ukrainian military plane. But bottom line, 298 innocent souls were blown out of the sky by a Russian surface-to-air missile. However, separatist rebel commander Igor Girkin aka Strelkov thinks otherwise. He believes those 298 bodies were already dead, placed there by the Ukrainians. Girkin claims witnesses told him "a significant number of the bodies weren’t fresh" and some had no blood. I'm not sure how they could determine that burned and disintegrated bodies were not fresh, but they have. He also questioned the blood serum and medications found at the site, obviously unaware that there were a slew of HIV-AIDS doctors and researchers on that flight. Raw Story says the "theory" is similar to an episode of a popular British TV series

 If the rebel leader’s assertion sounds like a plot twist from a particularly far-fetched spy film, that’s because it was. In an episode of the U.K. TV series “Sherlock,” an airplane loaded with corpses was brought down from the sky in order to convince a group of saboteurs that their encryption codes had not been cracked by the government.
That's the first of our conspiracy theories.

Then there's the obligatory 'the Zionists' did it narrative, and other crap.

The Central Bankers did it to start WWIII.

US/NATO/Israel did it.

To be honest, I had no stomach to plow through most of the above b.s. I skimmed through much of it.

Sadly, many of these wackos are conservative, usually racist, bigots. Not all of them are uneducated, which is what is most frightening. And they are totally predictable.  You can rest assured that anything that happens in this world will be blamed on a false flag operation.


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