Saturday, March 26, 2016

Pope Washes and Kisses Feet of Muslim Migrants

Good Lord. The current Pope Francis decided it was a good thing to wash and kiss the feet of migrants as part of Holy Thursday. He claims we are all children of the same God. Perhaps he should have saved that kneeling for just the Catholics and Copts, because Hindu's believe in a slew of God's, and the Muslims, although they too allegedly believe in the Abrahamic God, believe non-Muslims are Infidels. So, the Muslims must have had a good old laugh as the Infidel Pope prostrated himself before them.

They came from Mali, Eritrea, Syria and Pakistan. They were Muslim, Hindu, Catholic and Coptic Christians. And one by one, Pope Francis knelt down before these migrants on Holy Thursday and washed their feet.

The ritual, performed in a center for asylum seekers outside of Rome, comes amid anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe and in the wake of a terrorist attack in Brussels, for which the Islamic State has claimed responsibility.

The foot-washing ritual became a part of Holy Thursday Mass in the 1950s. Jesus washed the feet of his 12 apostles at the Last Supper. The symbolic act also imitates Jesus's gesture of servitude.

A number of the migrants whose feet were washed by the pope had tears streaming down their faces.

The Vatican said eight men and four women took part in the ritual, AP reported, including an Italian Catholic; three Eritrean Coptic Christians; four Catholics from Nigeria; three Muslims from Mali, Syria and Pakistan; and a Hindu man from India.

Video and more here.


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