Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Caitlyn Jenner - Doesn't Like Hillary, Likes Cruz

I have yet to decide who I am voting for. I dislike all of them, but particularly Hillary Clinton. Apparently, Caitlyn Jenner feels the same way about la Hill, claiming:

"[Hillary] couldn't care less about women. She cares about herself," said Jenner, adding that it would be "unfortunate" if Clinton is the next president.
Caitlyn fka Bruce Jenner still considers herself a conservative, but for some odd reason likes Ted Cruz, who is as far right as you can get on social issues.

Caitlyn is more concerned about the economy, so keeps rooted in her Republican past, in spite of the fact that her tranny friends believe she should no longer be affiliated with the party.

"I think I can keep all of my views the same because I feel in my heart that that's the best way to go," she said, adding that Republicans and conservatives "are not these horrible people who are trying oppress people."
As for her affinity for Cruz:

“I think he’s very conservative and a great constitutionalist and a very articulate man. I haven’t endorsed him or anything like that. But I also think, he’s an evangelical Christian, and probably one of the worst ones when it comes to trans issues," she said.
Go figure.


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