Friday, October 28, 2016

Snopes Caught Lying For Hillary Clinton

The first thing we do when we want to fact check some story making the Internet rounds is check various sources like Snopes,  the "definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation," or so the owners claim.  They claim they are non-partisan and unbiased, but are they?

According to Your News Wire: Snopes lies, in favor of  liberals.

Snopes has been caught lying again, proving that it has a political and partisan agenda and it is willing to mislead and deceive its readers in order to advance the cause of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party establishment.

Earlier this year Correct the Record, a pro-Clinton Super PAC, admitted they are spending millions of dollars to employ an army of trolls to “correct” and “push back” against internet users who criticize Clinton.

Correct The Record’s “Barrier Breakers” project admitted in a press release that it pays people to pretend to be Clinton supporters, and claims that thousands of unsuspecting social media users have already been “addressed” by the PAC’s mercenary social media warriors – with the promise that many more will be “corrected” in the near future.

Given that Snopes entered the political fact checking game around the same time, and began publishing more political articles than ever before – most of which display a clear Clinton bias – it is legitimate to ask if Snopes is also on the Correct The Record payroll.

Ethics Alarms has been tracking the increasing political bias exhibited by Snopes, once the definitive “Urban Legends” web source to identify false stories on the internet, e-mail hoaxes and other pollution of public information.

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