Friday, November 04, 2016

Woman Whose Question Was Leaked To Clinton Campaign Pre-Debate- Clinton "should be disqualified"

We all know that CNN's now-fired Donna Brazile gave the Clinton campaign a head start by providing a question that Hillary Clinton was to be asked during the CNN presidential debate.

That particular question was asked by Lee-Anne Walters who was recently interviewed on Fox's Happening Now.

Lee-Anne Walters identified herself as the “woman with a rash” who wanted to ask Clinton about her plan to address the poison water crisis that continues to afflict Flint, Michigan. Hacked emails from WikiLeaks revealed that when Brazile was still with her old network, she somehow got hold of Walters’ question, and then sent campaign chairman John Podesta advanced notice of what was coming.

When asked how she felt about the news, Walters said that Clinton “should be disqualified because she had had an advantage she shouldn’t have had.” Walters also said that she was “disgusted” by Clinton’s answer, describing it as a “cop-out” that would not adequately address the lead in the city’s water.

In spite of everything, she's still undecided about who to vote for. She should be as disgusted by what happened as she is with Clinton's response, as should anyone with a moral compass.

And this wasn't the only topic that Brazile forked over to Clinton's people. Apparently, there was another topic, that we know of.

Watch the video interview on Mediaite.

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