Sunday, December 16, 2018

New York's Naked Cowboy Sings Trumps Praises In Time's Square- Video

I love it when someone you would never think was a Trump supporter actually is.

New York's Robert John Burck, aka the Naked Cowboy, performs in New York's Times Square with a cowboy hat clad in tight skivvies with Trump on his rump, guitar in hand, and entertains tourists. He also happens to be married to a Mexican woman who was an undocumented immigrant, but has no qualms about singing the praises of building a wall.

Avi Yemini, an Aussie Jewish blogger met up with him and posted this very funny pro-Trump song-- Sounds Like A Good Plan To Me.

Enjoy!  I had a good laugh. Takes a second to load on my blog.

Apparently he makes a pretty darn good living at it.

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