Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chavez loves Chavez- sends Peruvian quake victims cans of tuna with his photo on label

Narcissist Hugo Chavez is at it again!! Still attempting to curry favour with the peoples of other South American countries, he promised to send 120 tons of aid to the quake victims of Peru. And what did he send? ... a load of canned tuna fish, with photos of his beloved self and the Peruvian opposition leader Ollanta Humala on the labels!!

How sick is that? Politicizing a natural disaster by sending food with photos of 2 comrades-in-arms pasted all over the cans. He obviously wanted to make sure the people knew from whence it came, in order to bolster the vision of himself as some kind of saviour for the common man. Sending just plain old cans of tuna wasn't enough. As Kate at Colombo-Americana's Perspective states, it could be a clever photo-shopped pic, though I doubt it.

The Venezuelan Ambassador to Lima emphatically denies the food arrived pre-labeled with Chavez's mug on the tin, but the fact that the Peruvian President, Alan Garcia, actually commented that he doesn't believe Chavez was trying to use the situation as a means of propaganda, confirms (in my mind) that the Chavez label Tuna exists, and originated in Venezuela. It's absolutely in line with Chavez's personality disorder (like North Korea's Kim Jong Il) to want to see his face plastered everywhere.

Kate also mentioned that she's waiting to see when Chavez starts blaming the U.S. for the labels. Me too. Everything is blamed on the U.S., so why not this?!

H/T A Colombo-Americana’s Perspective via This Aint Hell, but you can see it from Here


Pat Jenkins said...

i wonder if the venezualan fisherman made sure not to harm any dolphins in the capture of this tuna. he he!!

Karen said...

Good heavens. What a freaky little man he is. So in love with himself.

Incognito said...

Heh, doubt it PJ.

He really is, Karen. I'm convinced the man has major personality disorders.

Kate said...

He has been clinically diagnosed as bipolar. I wonder if there's a test which could determine his levels of narcissism... ;)

Frasypoo said...

This was so funny!!!
He must have a napolean complex !
Would you want to eat tuna with that ugly mug looking at you ?

jon said...

Interestingly, it reminds me of former Germany under the Nazi regime. As long as there was bread on the table, the German civilian population, who no longer wondered where their next meal was coming from, tolerated the despot and could not smell the ovens.

It's no different today.

Pat Jenkins said...

incog i got a good cartoon for ya!!

Incognito said...

KATE: Not surprising. Not sure if there are tests, but I'll find out from my sister who is a Psych.

FRASYPOO: Probably that too. It is funny though. To put your pic on a can of tuna. And no, I wouldn't .. but I guess if you're hungry...

JON: Great analogy! My Mum was saying she saw some Venezuelans saying that it was so great over there, but that Chavez was going to help the people. Promises keep people leashed. Sad.

PJ: Thanks.. will check them out. Love their cartoons.

WomanHonorThyself said...

ugh..I'll never eat tuna again!ha!!

Debbie said...

Wow. He wants hit grubby little fingers on everything doesn't he? He has probably bought the tuna company, like everything else, or made it government owned I mean. Even local mom and pop grocery stores can't sell or charge what they want, only what he allows them to.

I'm not pushing an article or dropping a link, but I thought you would enjoy this article, "The Intifada Off Broadway"

My friend Fern Sidman who writes articles for Right Truth sometimes, sent this to be to post. Since you are an actress I thought you might be interested.

Strawberry said...

You know it was the U.S. government that published those pictures, infiltrated the tuna canning company and in stealth mode, rewrapped every can with his picture on it. It was done so the U.S. could point fingers at him and say what a narcissist he is!

Ugly Naked Guy said...

Do they teach all communist dictators to put their photos on everything? Do they all take Dictatorship 101?

Incognito said...

ANGEL: at least not with his mug on the can!

DEBBIE: Yup, a definite sign of a narcissist. I feel so sorry for the Venezuelan people, at least those who didn't vote for him. Will go check out your article. Thanks for letting me know.

STRAWB: Of course... isn't it insane how people love to blame everything on Bush and the U.S. I'm just waiting for that to happen with the cans of tuna.

UNG: It is bizarre.. that they all have this compulsion to be adored. Guess that's what makes them dicatators.