Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Iran has designated non-hijab wearers as hos and hussies with Personality Disorders

Apparently, the Iranian Islamic Republic has characterized those who wear make-up and don't adhere to the strict Islamic dress code as being sicko. And not Michael Moore's definition of sicko. Islamic (I assume) psychologists (according the pro-veil ad below) have been credited with deeming women who don't wear the veil as having "character disorders". Hmm. Wonder what those might be: Anti-Niqab Personality Disorder? Avoidant Burqa Personality Disorder? Freedom to choose what one wears is now considered a Personality Disorder? How sick is that?

A pro-veil ad by the Islamic Republic Police. The text down to the right reads, “According to the psychologists, people who use improper outfits or disgusting make-up are suffering from character disorders”

Photo and translation courtesy of Kamangir (Archer)


Pat Jenkins said...

well this may be a tough one to disagree with cause some of the woman in america need to cover up more. i am just kidding the more flesh the better!! in all seriousness it is disturbing that a culture believes woman are the corrupting agents of men. without sounding cataclysmic, this type of attitude leads to the extermination of people!!!

Danny Wright said...

Check out this site:

This is the Iran Cultural Information center. There are these wonderful pictures that paint them as peace loving, mind their own business, just want to be left alone, western culture. Of course sprinkled in are Bush slamming bumper sticker slogans that strangely resemble the cries of the Democratic Party. Now I know how our soldiers felt lamenting to Tokyo Rose on the radio during WWII.

You'd never guess watching the pictures that not long ago Iran was sending thousands of its youth charging into Iraq machine gun fire with nothing but a quran in their hands.

Stranger than fiction to say the least.

Donald Douglas said...

The Iranian government is sick!

Thanks for commenting on my page, Incognito! I hope you're having a great vacation!

Frasier said...

Its horrible !Maybe if they put bliders on Iranian men(like horses wear) everything will be okay!
That warped sense of Muslim idealogy will never change

WomanHonorThyself said...

LOL..sorry Incog the hypocrisy is hysterical!..long time no see..drop by my haunt girl!..heh :)

Karen Townsend said...

Character disorders? Snort!

Missy said...

That explains their complete hatred and lack of respect for the American woman! We all have character disorders - er...we are disorderly characters! Either way - they are the ones with the disorder in their thinking!

I no wearing a burka! :(

Incognito said...

Actually P.J. I agree... some people do need to cover up more in the western world, but they're already covered up! It's insanity.

DANNY: Thank you, just checked it out and boomarked it. HA. Images you don't see? Persia was quite an amazing country prior to the rise of Islamism.

DONALD D: That's an understatement.. :-) Am working , no vacation yet, but soon. Looks like you are back. Hope you had a great time.

FRASYPOO: You always make me laugh, Poo! Blinders are a very good idea!

WOMAN: Done.. am just catching up with everyone.

KAREN: Can you imagine! It's just so crazy.

STRAWB: You and me both. A burqa over my dead body!

bob said...

Surely the cartoon is a little racy. It's taking my mind off my study of the koran.

Anonymous said...

You know what that makes us, don't you??? I hate those terms for women. I have to wonder about women who wear the hijab or worse. Their self esteem must be at rock bottom

Incognito said...

BOB: I know, kind of stupid.

DEB: I think most are compelled to wear it..otherwise they get in trouble.

Righty64 said...

I think they need to get better artists for their propaganda signs! But seriously, what I can never understand of those who suffer from Bush Derrangement Syndrome, BDS? Do they hate President Bush, who will be out of office in 2009, so much that they would rather see this happen? Oh, thats right. They will not be around to see it for they will be the first killed in Islam's triumph. They will wish that they supported President Bush in the war then!

Incognito said...

Killed or submit and convert. I see them submitting rather than putting up a fight.