Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dutch Lawmaker receives death threats for call to ban the Koran

Although, as a firm believer in freedom of religion, I would not condone an outright ban on any religion's sacred writings, it's not surprising that the reaction to a Dutch lawmakers call to ban the Koran would be, what else.... a death threat, and just serves to confirm the reason he wants it banned in the first place.

Geert Wilders of the right-wing Freedom Party told Cybercast News Service that since calling for a ban -- in a letter published Wednesday in the newspaper De Volkskrant -- he had received death threats and criticism, "but fortunately also many positive responses from voters." In his letter, published under the headline "Enough is enough: Ban the Koran," Wilders called the Koran a "fascist" text that has "no place in our constitutional state." He said some verses instruct Muslims "to oppress, persecute or kill Christians, Jews, dissidents and non believers, to beat and rape women and to establish an Islamic state by force."
He went on to say that
"The Koran, like Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf, should be banned in the Netherlands".

The Dutch government, of course, has condemned his proposal and 2 lawyers

have filed complaints against Wilders, accusing him of violating Dutch law with his statements.

With approximately 1 million Muslims, out of 16 million people (6% of the pop.), the Netherlands has the 2nd largest Muslim population in western Europe, with France ranking number one. You can understand why some Dutch citizens might be running scared, particularly after what happened to filmmaker Theo Van Gogh and the threats against Ayaan Hirsi Ali. There have been others threatened with death, but most recently an Iranian-born Dutch politician was viciously attacked by 3 Muslims for establishing a support group for ex-Muslims. This was, apparently, the third occurrence. He is now under police protection, all because a bunch of religious wackos believe they have the right to punish those critical of their religion.

The problem is the Netherlands, itself, is enabling the Islamization of its country. You have Dutch Christian-Democrat (CDA) Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner declaring, last year, that

"It is a sure certainty for me: if two thirds of all Netherlanders tomorrow would want to introduce Sharia, then this possibility must exist. Could you block this legally? It would also be a scandal to say 'this isn't allowed! The majority counts. That is the essence of democracy."

And integration minister Elle Vogelaar who recently said that

the Netherlands should in the future be home to a "Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition."

Maybe, if Islam was a more civilized, tolerant, inclusive religion. But it obviously isn't, and it never will be, as long as the 'so-called' moderate majority can't reign in the 'so-called' radical minority, and as long as they don't modernize their religion, which also obviously will never happen, considering the increasing trend towards conservatism.

Then you have the problem with integration. The country is headed for major trouble with its highly 'socially segregated' society

About two-thirds of Turks and Moroccans "associate predominantly with members of their own ethnic group," while a similar proportion of native Dutch "have little or no contact at all with immigrants." Moreover, contacts between the groups are decreasing, notably those between second generation Turks and Moroccans and native Dutch,"

We should take heed, before it's too late for us.

Hat Tip: American Congress for Truth


WomanHonorThyself said...

hey Incog...Ooorah to him!..we should all follow his lead!..Have a beautiful shiney Sunday! :)

Cassandra said...

Hey Girl,
Foehammer is at it in the US for sometime next year, but in Europe were trying to get a rally together in Brussels for next month, on 9/11 also as a tribute to the NYK victims. The present status is that the socialist mayor (a real one) is forbidding the demo. The press is 99,9% ignoring, or calling it a march of extreme nationalists (never, ever thought I'd see my views described in such terms, a surreal experience in itself). The distatorship of the Unholy Alliance of the collectivist Left and Radical Islam is all but official in Europe.
Please support us. More info here:
Thanks and God bless,

Pat Jenkins said...

great post here incog. isn't it amazing how this religion has absolutely emasculated the world. suppressing through threats and fear any oppositon.

American Interests said...

Informative post incog. Like the hard left, these radicals resort to the lowest common denominator to advance themselves and, amazingly western governments appease them.

It is not just the radical variety that bother me even would be moderates display inauspicious tendencies under the right circumstances, it’s inherent.


You are right, "we should take heed".

Strawberry said...

Hey there, Incog! What an eye-opener for our country?! We had better take heed - this is where we are headed if our government doesn't develop some backbone to stand up to the threats! Democracy should not even be considered when their writings and teachings instruct believers to destroy those who do not follow the Koran! This is when the government should be able to stand up to them - obviously the Netherlands is not willing to do that and if they ever do, it may well be too late!

Thanks for a very informative post! Have a great day!

Frasypoo said...

Interesting post !!
I guess when a religion blatantly tells you not to respect other people/races/religion then there is a problem when it has millions of followers!

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Ah the Joys of Multiculturalism!.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I'd like to say that I'm surprised by the reaction. I'd really love to in fact, but I'd be lying.

Although I am against this proposal I understand why it was brought up. When sharia arrives in Europe, expect to see Christianity abolished.

Panhandle Poet said...

The secular world in which we live is clueless to the danger.

Incognito said...

WHT: Thank you Angel.

CASSANDRA: I had read about the Brussels one. Ironic that the Muslims can demonstrate calling for death to the west and yet when non-Muslims want to protest that, they are banned. I will absolutely support!

PATJ: And it seems to be getting worse, Pat. Scary times.

AI: Appeasement will be the death of western civilization as we know it.

STRAWB: We had better.. but we won't if the Dems win. I am surrounded by them here and it's.. well... youc an just imagine.
That's the problem with much of Europe.. they are in a predicament, because they need workers. Yet, there is so much trouble because there is so much unemployment in that community. So what happened?

FRASY: Yup.. and when no-one has the courage to tell them they can't do that.

BCF: Yes and no.. :-)

PAN: Clueless cos they are too blind and or p.c. to see.