Tuesday, September 25, 2007

On The Road Again- off to my next gig

I love traveling, but I'm not sure I actually enjoy the process of packing and unpacking and then packing and unpacking again. It's time consuming, and a major bore. Even though I have tried to limit what I am taking, in an effort to simplify things, the car still seems to get over-filled, which is the down-side of driving rather than flying to a destination. However, having mobility once there is the trade-off, I suppose. And, as you all know, I love my independence!!

I head off tomorrow on my road trip! I'm taking my time, so I will be doing the drive in 2 days, rather than in 1 mind-numbing day. I gave up on that many years ago. Am hoping that being sequestered in my car, with no distractions other than driving (don't worry Dad!), I'll get the final pages of the script memorized. Because of the extremely short rehearsal period, and my large part, I decided I needed to be "off-book" (as we say) before the 1st rehearsal. We shall see. Problem is, there are 6 different versions and I started by memorizing almost half of one version, until I discovered we'd be using another text, so ended up learning the other half in the other version. I'm not re-memorizing the first half, so that's that. They will have to deal with it. Age has priority, and the other 3 characters are young-uns, so they will have to adapt. Easier for them, anyway. Age does have it's usefulness.

Off to bed, so I can get an early start.

See you somewhere between here and there.


Strawberry said...

Break a leg, girl! Be safe as you drive, enjoy the scenery and keep us posted when you have time!

Kate said...

UGH, don't leave us again, Incog!!!

Just kidding, break a leg, can't wait for your commentary cuando estes de vuelta :)

Pat Jenkins said...

an over looked art of the actor is the memorization of one's lines.. i could in no way master that task!!! be well incog!!

Frasypoo said...

Be careful driving........
Have a great show.
I swear I cannot memorise stuff but I can tell you what X,Y and Z wore when we met 10 years ago !!

Karen said...

Safe travels, Incog. Break a leg. Can't wait for the scoop on the new gig.

Panhandle Poet said...

On the road again
I just can't wait to get
On the road again
The life I live....

I'll be travelling most of this month. It does get old. Missouri next week, Georgia later in the month and then to South Texas. May even be in Kansas somewhere in between.

Incognito said...

Thank you my dear bloggie friends, and I do consider each and every one of you a friend, as I have come to know you both here and on your blogs.

When I get settled, and discover what my internet options are, I will be visiting and blogging.