Friday, September 14, 2007

Liberal Idiocy- Wonkette and their latest "scandal alert" about Condi Rice

I think what irks me most about liberals and left-wingers (other than their supreme idiocy) is their utter lack of clarity and their basic inability to see things other than in black and white. If you head on over to there's a puerile commentary about Condi Rice entitled: Breaking....Condi Rice shares home with a Liberal

SCANDAL ALERT: Condi Rice co-owns a house with a Stanford liberal documentary director who used to make liberal documentaries with Bill Moyers! What a hypocrite. Rice, of course, works for an administration that is totally conservative and always doing things against liberals — and now we find out that she shares a home with a liberal?

Gasp! Oh shame!!

Good grief! You're a hypocrite because you happen to live with people who don't share your beliefs??? How idiotic (but typical) a statement is that? There are many people who have lived and live (quite harmoniously, thank you very much) with others who don't share either their political or religious beliefs. This fact does not make them hypocrites, it makes them inclusive and tolerant. Uh, can you say James Carville and Mary Joe Matalin, for one?

The article goes on to say:

According to Washington Post diplomatic correspondent Glenn Kessler’s book about Condi — which we sort of flipped through, but obviously not closely enough — Rice owns a house with liberal filmmaker Randy Bean. Oh, and there’s a third co-owner, too: “CoitBlacker, a Stanford professor who is openly gay.” Oh, and Randy Bean’s a woman.

Horrors!! So, anyone who co-owns or shares a house with another person of the same sex is automatically assumed gay? How bigoted and small thinking is that? And frankly, even if she happened to be gay, so what? There are gays who happen to be Republican. I've met a few, not many, but they do exist. And in fact, some of those do not lobby for gay marriage. I met one gay man, recently, who does not feel the need to legalize marriage for gays, and he's a Democrat! Does that make him a hypocrite, or is it okay because he's gay? I have a few gay male friends, in the theatre, who I dearly love, and I certainly do not consider myself a hypocrite.

I also find it interesting that Wonkette does not mention (although does link to) an article that states that Blacker sold his share back to Bean and Rice, knowing full well that most people don't bother reading past the original post. It also explains how the co-ownership came to be:
Bean explained the joint ownership and line of credit..... by saying she had medical bills which left her financially drained and Rice helped her by co-purchasing the house along with a third person, Coit Blacker.

And nowhere in either article does it state that they actually live in that house together. All it mentions (in the article) is that the real estate records show Rice is a co-owner.

Libs, in their judgemental way, tend to lump all Republicans together as if there was one standard set of traits attributable to Republicans, and frankly there's not. Republicans come in many shapes, forms and sizes: from liberal to ultra conservative. You can't peg us. So stop showing your ignorance.

But what I found most offensive, was the typical foul comments left by Wonkette's readers. Which again, just illustrates how moronic and distasteful they can be.


Kate said...

Hey Incog,

Good find, just another example of the way members of the izmierda will make a mountain out of a, well, not even a molehill, but out of nothing. But honestly, are you surprised?

One would think that, since the Left portrays itself as the paragon of acceptance and tolerance, it would see a conservative and a liberal co-owning a house as a positive thing. (I, personally, couldn't care less; I am sure both people are intelligent enough to know what they're signing, and didn't think too much on their political persuasions when going through all the processes for co-owning the house.) But we, once again, see the self-serving hypocrisy: because it's Condie, this will be a scandal. If it were the reverse, say Susan Sarandon co-owning a house with someone on the Right, I can guarantee that Sarandon would be touted as someone who took the higher road, got past their political differences, and made a wise investment.

Que estupidez! By the way, welcome back!

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Anything to make the administration look bad huh? What are they going to do when Bush leaves office?

American Interests said...

They are happy to submit all republicans into one basket which unmistakably demonstrates a lack of understanding on there part.

Incidentally, foul commentary and prose has become there trade language – the new-fangled left wing liberal, lingua franca.

Take care Incog and welcome back.

Karen said...

That's the exact utter hypocrisy of the left - no tolerance or diversity of ideas, only talking points and fake outrage. They'll stop at nothing to go after someone personally. THey are not able to argue the issues intellgently so they do personal attacks.

Anonymous said...

Libs are sooo much more open-minded!

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey Incog..youre back..missed u girl!..welcome home hun!!!!!!!

Pat Jenkins said...

good post incog. if we are to follow a creed of interaction with our "own" this would be a small world!!!

Frasypoo said...

Its crazy!they make the craziest assumptions.According to them all republicans should hang out with republicans and the rest with Dems !

Incognito said...

KATE: Heh.. izmierda.. No, not surprised. They're total hypocrites, for the most part.
I would'd think they would find something positive in that, but it just demonstrates how intolerant *they* are, after all. Y gracias! Though I'm not quite home yet. I leave tomorrow for home. 3 weeks away has been tiring.

VEGAS ART GUY: I know.. and if any of the the dems win (God forbid)who are they going to rag on.

AI: Thanks AI. It is sad that they have to resort to foulness to make their points.

KAREN: Probably because they look at everything from an emotional rather than mental viewpoint. They certainly can get vicious and truly revel in the downfall of anyone other than their own. Sad.

GW: they certainly think so. deluded as they are.

WOMAN: Thanks Angel.. one more day and home to my own bed. :-)

PATJ: Indeed.. and thank goodness most of the world isn't as closeminded.

POO: I know...that kind of thinking is what makes the world a sad little place.

Papa J said...

If they were truly accepting of liberal "values" they would be accepting of an alternative lifestyle instead of so eager to "out" a hated adversary. Never mind that there really isn't anything there.

The point is they've been empowered by the scandles on the right and they're looking for another big one to further damage the rights credibility.

Incognito said...

hey PapaJ! Good to see you back. Am thinking you must be back to blogging. will go check yours out.

Exactly.. you think they would hail someone who they believe is more accepting. Sad how people are always trying to find the dirt on others.

jon said...

What else is new. Wonkette, DailyKos... their base pretends to be informed but is in less command of relevant facts than your typical high school student. This is precisely why their influence is waning. It's not because people see them as extreme, it's because they are continually exposed as hating conservatives for hate's sake when their inability to present relevant facts is under intense scrutiny.

I say let them keep going because they expose their ignorance at every turn.