Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sgt. Eddie Jeffers "Hope Rides Alone" KIA 9/18/07

Another good soldier dies sacrificing his life for world freedom, and my heart bleeds.

Sgt. Eddie Jeffers who wrote "Hope Rides Alone" was killed in action on 9/18/07 in Ramadi, Iraq, where he was bravely serving. I don't know the details, only what I read on Canada Free Press. (If you haven't read it, please read it in his honour).

I posted regarding his commentary "Hope Rides Alone", back in January, 07. I was so impressed with what he wrote, I emailed him and wound up corresponding, for a short while, with his Dad, a man of faith who was very proud of his son.

This news touches me deeply because it is tinged with regret. At the end of May, I received a group email from his Dad informing all those who had contacted him about Eddie, that Eddie would be spending 2 weeks of R/R, in June with his wife. He wanted to surprise them for their 2 year anniversary with a 2 night stay in a lovely resort and, apologizing upfront for any offense people might take, asked those who wished to contribute to send 1 dollar to help defray the cost. It was a humble email and I took no offense, but I procrastinated, as I have a tendency to do, and never wound up sending the dollar. Now I feel guilty because I never did, and he's gone. I'd like to contact his Dad, but I'm not sure whether I should.

The lesson for me, is to always follow through, or be a victim of regret!!

Rest in peace, sweet soldier and God bless you for the ultimate sacrifice.

God be with his family.

H/T United Conservatives

UPDATE: 9/23/07

Found this on RightTruth.

Sgt. Eddie Jeffers actually died in a rollover accident in Taqqadum, Iraq. Somehow makes it even sadder. A devout man of faith, like his Dad, 23 year old Eddie enlisted because "He believed he was on a mission from God."

He is a true hero!


WomanHonorThyself said...

Rest in will not be forgotten................

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this.

On Canada Free Press, I love them. Judy McLeod does a great job and you sometimes read things there first, or only.

Kate said...

My condolences and prayers to the family.

Frasier said...

Its always sad when we lose a soldier
I think you should contact his dad especially at this time when it will mean a lot or send a card.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Incog

Thanks for it.

Karen Townsend said...

Lovely post for a sad story. Nicely done, Incog.

Incognito said...

You think so, Poo? I probably will... but I just feel bad because I never got around to sending the dollar. It wasn't much to ask. Thanks for the encouragement.

Papa J said...

It's always okay to send condolences and I think it would be reassuring for parent to know their son is honored for the ultimate sacrifice. Especially when our troops are given short shrift for all the good they are accomplishing.

Missy said...

I agree with the others. Send the condolences. As a parent, knowing someone else appreciated and thought so highly of your loved one would be a great comfort. Since you didn't send the dollar to this soldier - what about finding another cause and contributing in his name? Just a thought.

Incognito said...

Thank you both, Strawb and Papa J!
I will do that..
and that's a brilliant suggestion Strawb, I will donate to either Treats for Troops or Freedom Alliance or both. Thank you, thank you!
Blessings and thanks to all for the encouragement. Hopefully that will alleviate my guilt.

Pat Jenkins said...

i am with the rest incog. i imagine he would love to hear from you. regret is a horrible feeling, but i think it is unwarrented in your case. nobody would find you at fault, and you shouldn't either!!