Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Death Of Free Speech: Geert Wilders' Anti-Islamization Film "Fitna" Pulled After Threats

Not many, but some do get it, in Europe. Those with enough awareness and foresight to envision the adverse affects the threat that global Islamization will have on the free world as we see it today. Those few brave souls who have the courage to do something about it, and at great personal risk. Those who refuse to allow themselves to succumb to fear or complacency or inertia. One such person is Dutch politician Geert Wilders. He just produced a powerful video entitled "Fitna" which highlights the barbarity of the darker aspects of Islam. And there are many. Quoting Surahs from the Koran, there are graphic and harrowing images of 9/11, the bombings in Spain and London, a beheading, along with preaching of hate from mainstream Imams across the globe. There are photographs of demonstrators with placards boldly stating "Islam Will Dominate The World". And these are not terrorists, or small factions of extremists, these are ordinary Brits and other European Muslims proudly carrying those signs that call for death to all "infidels". was the only source that was brave enough to host Wilders' film, no-one else dared. I had the opportunity to watch it a few nights ago, before it was unceremoniously pulled from their servers. Why? Because of serious threats to staff members. One can only assume those threats originated from the Muslim world. It has happened before, and obviously will happen again. If you click on the video below, what was once the film is now an official notice indicating why they can no longer safely allow it to remain on their servers. This is indeed a tragic day for freedom of speech, and just serves as a gross reminder of what we are actually dealing with, and what we have to look forward to.

Any religious ideology that calls for world domination, that resorts to violence and threats of death to achieve those ends, is not a religion but an aberration. Sorry, but there is no one religion that holds the franchise on God. God belongs to all, not just the Muslims, and until they decide they are willing to share Him, that they can play in the global sandbox we call earth with their non-Muslim brethren, in a civilized manner, I will continue to criticize and raise my voice in anger.

I will defend my right to worship as I please! I will NOT submit! And I will NOT be silenced!

UPDATE 3/29/08:

Here's a transcript of the film and it is now on youtube, although who knows for how long.

UPDATE 4/1/08

The video is back up and running, but apparently a modified version is in the works, sans the cartoon.


Renegade Eye said...

I agree with 95% of your post. The idea of "world Islamization" is over the top. Islamophobia and Islamofascism must be the most ridiculous distortion of language ever used.

Islamism is a real threat to liberty. It mostly is linked with nationalism, not internationalism.

Karen said...

The Torrent download is available thru Michelle Malkin's site, for anyone needing it.

I am not the least bit surprised, unfortunately. The LiveLeak site was brave to host it, that's for sure. Now they have the stress of the threats. Sickening.

Pat Jenkins said...

ok incog time to pick your brain. put on your psychology hat here. why do you think mankind is so unwilling to grant empowerment to his neighbor. whether islam, liblerlism, communism, or in ones own home we love to deny rights! possible answer?

Nora said...

Hello, Incog!!
I'm going to link your post. But I will like to make two notes:
a) I don't mind whether it's a cult, it's a religion or whatever it is. All I want is not to be IMPOSED an ideology I have NOT accepted freely whether out of fear or of comfortableness.
b) I just pity Muslims like the ones who are writing at Muslims Against Sharia. Having this kind of religious colleagues must be a little discouraging....

Incognito said...

REN: Not over the top, imho, but a reality that many are too blind to see. There is a definite goal, in the Muslim world, of achieving the 3rd caliphate, that means global. And though I agree that calling people Islamaphobic because they are critical of Islam is over the top, we are called that all the time.

KAREN: Thanks for the heads up Karen. I wasn't surprised either.. I'm still waiting for the backlash against the Dutch people. Then again, Wilders already has had death threats.. so what else is new! And I agree, it is truly sickening.

PATJ: Because as long as we oppress others we remain top dog. It's about power and the love of power and the unwillingness to relinquish that power. My 2 cents.

NORA: Gracias!! Exactly, I have posted often about that. You believe what you want to believe but do NOT impose your beliefs on me, or expect me to adhere to your beliefs.
And yes, it must be terrible for them, but they are such a minority, I'm not sure there is anything they can do.

Anonymous said...

God and Allah bless YOUTUBE

There is but one prophet - the prophet Google ;-)

Seriously - Geert's rights were initially violated by NETWORKSOLUTIONS - stating that he violated their terms of service.


Incognito said...

T: Thanks for the link! Will add later to the post.. however, we shall see how long it lasts there.

I have a personal acting website, but not with NS. If it was, I would remove!!

MUD said...

They will never conquer Kansas. Too many of us have guns and the willingness to protect our rights to free speech. Only when they pry that smoking pencil from my cold dead hand!
Too many years of people telling us that we need to play nice and be politically correct have given us a society where people are afraid to tell every one that their rights start where mine ends. Freedom of religion means you can practice what you want not tell me how, where or when to practice mine. Mine says Rueger 9mm on the box. MUD

WomanHonorThyself said...

it should be back up now girl!!