Thursday, March 20, 2008

Obama's Trinity United Church of Christ: Black, Proud and Full Of Hate

I have no problem with honoring one's cultural heritage, without which we would have no Cinco De Mayo, no Chinese New Year celebrations, no Greek and Scottish Fests. Experiencing the art and culture of other peoples enriches and enhances our lives. It enables us to understand and help bridge the gap between what we are familiar and comfortable with and the unknown. Fear and ignorance of those who are different from ourselves are contributing factors in global and personal conflict. By embracing and understanding others we can overcome those fears. But when that pride turns to divisiveness, when it encourages separation as opposed to inclusiveness, that I have major problems with.

Unlike many in my party, I believe that cultural diversity is what makes this country great. The very foundation of this nation was built through the blood and sweat of immigrants, so not acknowledging our heritage is to dishonor our ancestors. However, having said that, I also believe it is imperative that those that live or choose to live in this country adapt to our American ways; they should be, first and foremost, Americans. That includes Whites, Asians, Hispanics and Blacks.

I watched snippets from various sermons by Barack Obama's hate-filled Reverend Jeremiah Wright (Trinity United Church Of Christ) and was absolutely appalled. This is someone Barack Obama, for a full 20 years, has looked to as his spiritual advisor, and who inspired his book "The Audacity Of Hope". A man he prayed with before announcing his presidential bid. This self-same pastor who claims to be a Christian, but is the antithesis of what a Christian should be; who preaches hatred of the U.S. is a racist at heart, is virulently anti-Israel and has honored Louis Farrakhan (radical leader of Nation of Islam) with a Lifetime Achievement Award. The Louis Farrakhan who is anti-everything. I could barely listen to Wright's ranting diatribes for the few minutes on youtube, and yet, this is a man who has influenced Obama for the past 2 decades.

Do we really want a man who is a member of a racist church that encourages separation rather than integration and brotherhood? Not I!

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MUD said...

I think I am fairly typical of the American Male animal. I celebrate Christmas (German), Cinco de Mayo (Mexican), Octoberfest (German), St. Patric's Day (Irish) and will eat about any dish to help celebrate the holidays of the world. I revel at the diversity and respect shown to the cultures that were brought here. I absolutely reject the concept that what brought you here is your future. Does the indentured servants my family had in our family tree limit me to a less than great life. NO! Does the fact that y family was too poor to own houses let alone anyone of any color limit me, NO! The limiting factor was my willingness to get up off my butt and get an education and then work hard. If the Southern Baptist church I went to said harsh words it was against sin and idleness. I grew up in a neighborhood with no blacks because they couldn't stand to live in the middle of white trash. Most of the living structures there were described as 8X38 or 40, had license plates and contained trailer trash. I will not apologize for my humble beginings only revel in how easy it was to be something better. MUD

Karen said...

Great post. I have had a running discussion since last Friday with my son over this Wright controversy. He's 18, a first time voter and Obama supporter. He equates this preacher to the ugly statements of those like Falwell and Pat Robertson on the conservative side. I have tried to explain the difference. It's a necessary conversation but difficult, to be sure.

I have tried to raise my son to embrace diversity of all people and he has. We lived in Venezuela when he was a toddler so many of his first words were in Spanish. We live in Houston as he has matured from 8 years of age to now. His friends are all colors and religions. It's a good thing.

My job remains to teach good versus bad. Wright is bad.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Have you seen the Obama is a Mac Daddy Pimp video on youtube? Hilarious.

WomanHonorThyself said...

great work Incog..but can u believe lefties are still behind this racist?!

Pat Jenkins said...

if things like this are going on in churches it should make one ponder over what is coming out of the mouths of any pastor. is of God or of man?
p.s. how did you come up with the perception that the republican party doesn't accept diveristy incog?

Righty64 said...

The problem is simple. This "Rev" Wright has perverted the basic Christian message and has turned it into a political message, not one of faith, hope, love and redemption that faith in Jesus Christ brings. But, "Rev" Wright wants us to believe that Jesus was a black man killed by white men. HELLO?! Jesus was a Jew, a semtic, and was like the rest of his sect. It is something that has been trolling around lefty schools of theologies for years. This is why the whole Obama campaign has been a fraud. You know, about this being "post-racial", whatever that means. Obama did not distance himself from the "Reverend" but took the oppertunity to throw his white granny under the bus as some racist. I for one do not believe that she made the references to young Barack, or Barry as he once was known. Obama will be the Democrat nominee, but Sen. John "F--- You" McCain will be the next president.

Incognito said...

MUD: Amen, you are what you make of your life, and in in this country you can make of it what you choose. We are very blessed. If you choose to remain a victim, you will remain so.

KAREN: Hopefully your son will see the light. Seems a lot of the young 'uns have been captivated by Obama's charisma. But it's all flair and no substance. And yes there are some ugly Christian preachers.. who are just as racist.. Fred Phelps.. and both Phelps and Wright and anyone else of their ilk are bad.

BCF: Yeah I did.. when I was googling Wright. He's a hoot.

Incognito said...

Righty64: perverted.. great description. Can't believe Obama was that stupid or arrogant enough to not think this would come and bite him in the butt. And I agree... McCain has it in the bag, if he doesn't do something to mess it up.

Anonymous said...

Most of you who have decided to "blog" know nothing about Trinity, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright and in most cases, the Bible. Jesus was a Jew but He was also black along with Moses, Shadrach, Meshach, Abendego; which would also make Joseph and Mary, His parents, black as well. History lesson: Africa and Egypt are black countries. You cannot put a little tint on Elizabeth Taylor's face and try and portray her as Cleopatra, an Egyptian - a black woman. If you would take the time and listen to the entire 3 or 4 that have been preached out of over 2000 sermons, instead of listening to "snippets" or "sound bites" you will find that Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright is "wright-on." Excuse the play on words. Blacks in Diaspora (look it up if you don't know what it means) do not see America the way most whites do. This country has not treated us as equals and we do not feel free in the same sense as you do. And this does not mean we don't love this country or are not patriotic. Black liberation preachers are not racists and they do give hope, peace and love to the underpriviledged in the same way Jesus did and does today (if you believe He lives). Perhaps, you should take a closer look in the mirror and examine your own views and attitudes about blacks, racism amd equality in America.

Incognito said...

ANONYMOUS: First, of all I am not going to debate whether Jesus was black or not because, frankly, that was NOT the point of my post.

And if you bothered to look at any of my other pieces (I posted on the jena 6) you will discover that I am decidedly NOT racist. Never have been, never will be. I was raised all over the world and never encountered racism until I came to the U.S. for college. I witnessed racism from both sides of the fence. I distinctly remember walking down the halls of my dorm, smiling and saying hello to the black students and being totally shunned. It still happens to me today, and yes it is painful.

I don't happen to see color when I look at a person's face, I look within. That's what I react to, that's how I judge someone. I am well aware of the hideous nature of racism, and that it still exists today in certain parts, but until the blacks (not all) let go of their resentment and hatred of whites, and we embrace each other as brothers and sisters, that racism (both black and white) is going to continue in perpetuity.

*Wright* perpetuates that hatred and that is *wrong*.

It's too bad you probably won't be back to read this, but I encourage you to open your hearts, rather than close them off and see what that does.

Anonymous said...

INCOGNITO: First of all incognito, re-read my blog, did I mention any names? So, obviously you saw yourself in the message. Try listening to the entire sermons, thou who never experienced racism until arriving at a US college, which is the racist US we're talking about.

If you don't see color when you look in a person's face you must be blind (you're not looking within every person of color you meet). Blacks historically have lived by what Martin Luther King said, another Reverend Doctor, who also protested the war and racism in these United States; and who talks about judging people by their character and not by their skin color. So you telling me. you judge people by what's on the inside does not give you any kudos. That's what you're supposed to do!! Black people got that years ago.

And blacks are not holding any resentments or hatred against whites (I think it's the other way around). What we resent are people like yourself who want to bury their heads in the sand and pretend racism doesn't exist today and that we should "let go of our resentment." Say that, after your people have been snatched from their homes, enslaved, raped and lynched for over 300 years. Then perhaps we can talk about "painful" since we are pained everytime a Jena 6 occurs (cause it ain't just in Louisiana honey); or perhaps we can talk about "painful" when nooses quit appearing today across these United States. Or talk to me about "painful" when you look at the residents who were referred to as "refugees" in New Orleans. If some blacks "shunning" you is your only pain (caused by another race), consider yourself blessed.

And incognito, why don't you visit Trinity United Church of Chicago and you'll see that hatred is not being perpetuated. Or better yet, try visiting the African American Holocaust Museum in Milwaukee and then perhaps you'll have a better understanding of the entire African American experience!!

Be blessed!!

Incognito said...

ANONYMOUS: Glad you came back. I did carefully read your comment and those last few words...

"Perhaps, you should take a closer look in the mirror and examine your own views and attitudes about blacks, racism amd equality in America."

... in my humble opinion, were quite obviously directed towards me.

No, not blind, my friend, just somewhat enlightened. As I mentioned, I was raised abroad, I lived amongst blacks, hispanics, asians and never felt an ounce of prejudice towards any of them, and vice versa. i had no clue what racism was until i moved to this country. as the daughter of a diplomat i was encouraged to embrace others. and so i did.

And yes, Rev. Martin Luther King was an astoundingly enlightened man.. too bad most americans, both black and white and other, don't take those words to heart. and you, obviously, are not taking his words to heart either... and neither is the Rev. Wright.

I didn't say it doesn't exist today, and I'm not saying what happened in the 50s wasn't despicable, it was heinous and I mentioned that above, but hanging on to those days isn't going to help you rise above it all. and things *have* changed, but you have to allow it to change.. and I say things have changed because the fact that a black man is running for the president of the U.S. is testament to that.

and befeore you judge me, read my Jena 6 post and tell me if you still think I am racist. You don't know me, brother

all I am saying is that preaching love and understanding and forgiveness is the ONLY path to freedom. And it goes both ways.

Anonymous said...

Sorry incognito, I didn't read your blog so my comments were not directed at you. It's just you saw yourself. I wrote because I'm sick and tired of the misrepresentations of Rev. Wright.

I appreciate your thoughts about the 50's but I was talking about slavery which started in the early 1600's. Perhaps, you missed that living abroad. The 50's were a time when blacks were trying to reestablish some semblance of pride, dignity, fairness and equality.

Blacks did not begin in slavery nor in the 50's; our beginning began in the Bible as kings and queens. The entire civil rights movement began to try and get back the civil liberties that were stripped from us. It was the Constitution that stated blacks were 1/5 of a man. Blacks are not hanging on to those days, whites are!! Hence, Jena 6, present day lynchings, inadequate healthcare for people of color, higher infant mortality rates for people of color, more black men in prison than in college and many for the same crimes that whites committed who are walking the streets, higher mortgage rates for people of color, more black woman dying from breast cancer than any other race, etc etc etc. The lists goes on and on. Until this country recognizes their role in perpetuating slavery and the injustices that still prevail against people of color (like the weeks and weeks of playing snippets of 30 minute sermons...what is that but racism)we have to keep talking...we've been silent too long. Hillary out and out lied about Bosnia but because she "mis-spoke" all is well. Well, it isn't...she lied!! But no one is running that into the ground. Could it be because she's white?

Senator Barack Obama, fortunately has the unique opportunity to force the country to look at the issues that divide us...the ugly residual effects of slavery and to bring us together to talk (black, white and brown people) and to make strides to work on the problem that has plagued this country for centuries. You're right it does go both ways.

It really has nothing to do with hanging on. No one is telling Jews to forget about the Holocaust. Well, blacks experienced their own holocaust; one that was far worse than anything any other race has ever experienced. So, you can talk about love, peace, understanding and forgiveness but what are you doing to eradicate the problem? And to suggest Rev. Wright or Trinity United Church of Christ is not a bible preaching, bible teaching, God-fearing, loving and forgiving church is absurd.

Finally, I'm a sister NOT a brother and you don't know me either! But that's the problem, most whites only know of black people what they see on the 10 o'clock news. You'll hardly ever see the positive things that go on in the black community.

Historically, blacks know more about whites than the white race will ever know them. History (his story not ours) was written that way. That could be why you went into culture shock when arriving in the U.S. You lived the white, priviledged life that most whites feel is their birthright just by being born white. So, once in the US you were flabbergasted to find that some blacks didn't feel all warm and cozy because you smiled and said hello to them. Well, girlfriend, welcome to our world in the year 2008!!

S4F4M said...

To Anonymous,

I don't know which race was most persecuted in all of history since history only goes back a few 1000 years. I DO know that ALL races at one time or another have been persecuted. Blacks, Caucasians (Irish, Scots, etc), Asians, Jews (enslavement by the Egyptians and Romans), Indians, Native Americans (up and down the Americas), etc.

But regardless of how badly you really want to interpret Rev. Wright's diatribe as innocent, one thing is true, Rev Wright is not preaching tolerance. Whether that is right or wrong, it's his freedom; something he fought for as a member of the US military. Now, listening to the congregation's reaction is what concerns me. If I was a member of a church (with my family) and heard incendiary comments followed by cheers, I would leave. For someone wanting to be a politician, hoping for the highest office in a land (where racism still does exist from all sides, not just white to black), I would have been wiser to have distanced myself. Given that Mr. Obama did not is what concerns me about his ability to make sound decisions if he were President.

I am one who would welcome a black (or asian or hispanic) president. However, I am not going to vote for one just because of the color of his skin if he is not 100% qualified in my mind. I do not condone all that Bush has done, but would any of the two other choices been better? If Barack is the best in the field then I will vote for him, not because he is black, but because he is the best choice for leader of our nation.

And for those who think that America is the most racist of all nations, I encourage you to travel abroad to Europe, Asia, or Muslim countries. Throwing bananas and yelling epithets at black players at a soccer match is what you will see in Europe. See if you will truly be accepted in the muslim societies or asian societies without your greenbacks...

We are man; all men are created equal. We are prone to hate, not love, that which threatens us. It's sad, but true.

Incognito said...

ANONYMOUS: sorry, my friend. assumed you were male. (and we all know about assuming.)

Slavery in *any* form stinks. big time! But it predates the 1600s. In fact,it dates back to biblical times with the Egyptians and Jews. And, if you say that the Egyptians were black and we know they enslaved the Jews, what does that say about the blacks? Just playing devil's advocate here. And it's not just a black issue. Peoples of every colour have been, at some point in time, indentured, as hideous as that is.

And again, what was done to American blacks was horrific, I even wrote a poem about a lynching. And you know how I feel about racism, if you bothered to read my Jena 6 post. And as you also well know, there were many whites out there marching for civil rights, some were even killed alongside blacks, so please don't lump everyone together. If I had lived during those times, I know I would have been out there marching, as well. And even though there are still some pockets of racist bigots, I think that the majority of white america is doing it's dangdest to make up for the past. I have even noticed it in the arts, where traditionally white theatres are making sure they include black or hispanic plays in their seasons. One theatre even started an african-american and hispanic playwright in residence festival. I agree, we still have a long way to go, but I think we are making strides. But, blacks are not the only ones who face discrimination, women, other peoples of colour do as well. and we still have problems with ageism as well. But none of this has anything to do with how I perceive Reverend Wright and his sermons. Perhaps it's because I have always had a problem with "fire and brimstone" preachers, of any race, but I find his sermons physically painful. And, as a preacher, you need to be accountable for what you preach to your flock. Maybe the bulk of his sermons preach love, but the fact that he has the capacity to preach separation by claiming such falsehoods like AIDS was deliberately spread to black americans, is vile. sorry, just how I feel. I saw what was pulled from his website, after the s@$%t hit the fan. Divisive. And the fact that Obama was a part of a church that preaches separation, makes me wonder if he truly is capable of bringing all people together, though that's the least of my worries.

And yes, Hillary did lie, and I find both Clintons despicable. And perhaps it's because she's white, but I think it's more because the media is liberal.

We will have to agree to disagree, because I do believe it has to do with hanging on. Yes, we mustn't forget things like slavery and the holocaust, but we have to forgive and open our hearts to healing to be able to move on. And what am I doing about it... I blog. If you notice, most of my blog posts are about the injustices I see in the world.

And, thankfully, as an actress, I see more than the blacks on the 10p.m. news. I have had the honour and privilege of working with many different people of colour. And I didn't let that experience in college change my love of people. When I have encountered people like those dorm-mates (black, white or whatever) I make it a personal challenge to turn them around, because I believe that, for the most part, people are essentially good, behind a sometimes negative facade. And, I'm happy to say, I have always prevailed. :-)

As for living a white privileged life. My dad, through hard work, worked his way up from security guard in the embassy. we were by no means rich, but eventually comfortable. My friends, growing up, were of all different races and religions, perhaps that's why I am more tolerant than others. But, this country allows every man, woman and child the opportunity to excel, through hard work. I have seen many immigrant families, and many blacks achieve much success that way. You have to believe that you have no barriers and lo, there are none.

Come back. I plan to write a post about race relations, that you have inspired me to write.

Blessings, my sister! And I truly mean that.

Incognito said...

S4F4M: Thank you for your comment.

Indeed, it is Wright's prerogative to preach what he likes, but, like you, if I disagreed with what a preacher was saying I would leave the church. Apparently, Oprah did. And it does give me pause, to think that Obama stuck with him for all those years.

I too would welcome a person of colour as President, including a woman of colour, however, I too will not vote for someone because it is de rigeur to. Qualified yes, otherwise, that day will have to wait.

Anonymous said...

Incognito, I like you. We could probably even be friends (-: And I'll leave it at we'll agree to disagree So you be blessed as well and I truly mean that!!

P.S. Oprah was a CME Christian from the beginning (Christmas, Mother's Day and Easter); I don't think it had anything to do with Rev. Wright and she loves Barack!! HMMMM!!!

Incognito said...

ANON: I KNOW we would be friends! And, I tell you what, next time I'm in Chicago, whenever that might be, I *will* drop by Rev. Wright's Church. You are welcome here and time, and you have my email (which is posted on the side bar). Feel free to email me.

and yes I know she loves Barack.. she has also been called a closet republican, by the way. :-) and if she had any political experience, I'd have no problems voting for her as Prez. A female and black!

Blessings, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Incognito! Where is here? I look forward to you visiting Chicago; I'll even give you the grand tour. I may drop you a line on your email.

Take care. Stay blessed.

Incognito said...

Hey ANON! You are welcome here on my blog any time. And I love Chicago.. have visited a few times, but for very short stays... even considered at one point moving there. I'm in Florida.. and, likewise, though there's not much to see around here.

Do drop me a line..I will look forward to it. then I can tell you when my post gets published on the blog.