Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Opening of Another Show

We finally opened the show, this past Thursday, to some great reviews and full houses, which isn't usual for the first week, so we are all thrilled. It seems all our hard work has paid off.

It has been a wonderful, albeit exhausting, month. For 3 1/2 weeks my schedule pretty much consisted of the following: rehearsals, dinner, working on lines, sleep, wake-up, breakfast, reviewing the previous night's work, and then rehearsal again. I even worked at it on my one day off. Wasn't sure how I was going to cram all those lines into my poor, brain-weary head, but I somehow managed to, with due diligence and the Creator's help. It helped to have a beautiful place to stay, with the beach just outside my window, and glorious sunsets, although have not yet had a chance to enjoy it. But I will!

The technical aspects of the show are exquisite, with an amazing set, beautiful lights and sound, although we did have some trouble with the costumes. A pretty easy show to costume, the designer, a well meaning individual but not too savvy, dropped the bucket. With 3 weeks to get it all together, she waited until the last minute for fittings and I didn't actually get my 2 costumes finished until opening night. Not a great thing for an actor, not to have time to work in a finished costume, but it all worked out, in the end.

Although it feels like being on a roller-coaster, both in terms of the emotional journey my character goes through, and the fact that I virtually never leave the stage, it is a joy to work on.

Will still have to review the script every day, and in between shows on Saturday, but at least I can relax some, and start blogging again, other than on weekends.

Blessings to all.


WomanHonorThyself said...

Wish one of these days I can be in the audience girl!..say when!

Karen said...

Good to read the update. Been checking in to see if you were back yet. I know you are doing a super job there. Have fun.

Nikki said...

WOW...good for you incognito. thanks for the update and for stopping by...break a leg! :)N

Pat Jenkins said...

it feels great to accomplish something. and you incog have greatly accomplished.... hope the run goes as well as the opening week!!

Incognito said...

WOMAN: Wish you could too. IF you are ever in the Southeast. You can always email asking where i'm at.. :-)

KAREN: Thanks, Karen. I have been having a blast.

NIKKI: Thanks Nikki.

PATJ: And thank you, Peej. Me too. Off to run lines, now.