Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A No Vote Or A Barr Vote Equals An Obama Vote- Incognito Officially Endorses McCain

Although I have been away from blogging for about a month, preoccupied with other issues, I was fully aware of the bitter fight between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama up until la Hillary finally tabled her presidential bid. You have to admit, she did put up a valiant fight, kicking and screaming to the bitter end. Frankly, I did not think she would let go of that bone so easily, but, no doubt, that devious little mind of hers has ulterior motives, the least of which is becoming Obama's running mate, and with her sight set on 2012. This from the same woman who claimed she and Republican nominee John McCain were better equipped to lead this country. Obama would be an idiot to choose her, considering that comment would inevitably come back to bite them both in their proverbial butts.

So, with Clinton safely out of the picture, the putative Democratic candidate is Barack "Hussein" Obama, the most leftist-leaning senator in our government. A man with major radical-left ties, and virtually no experience outside of his 4 year term as State Senator Illinois (1997-2004), and his current tenure as Junior Senator from Illinois (2005-present). And how much of that time has been occupied with campaigning for his presidential candidacy?

Regardless, of what you might think of John McCain, and many in the Republican Party find fault with him including yours truly, BUT, there is NO way I would trust Obama to lead this country during these extremely trying times.

So, I am officially endorsing John McCain for President because the alternative is unthinkable.

And, for those of you who think that voting for Bob Barr, or not voting at all is the best course of action, remember those votes, or lack thereof, are votes for Obama. And if he happens to win, and this great country is led to ruin, you will have only yourselves to blame, along with all those other lemmings duped by his messianic message of change. No complaints allowed, but at least I won't have that burden on my conscience, and I will complain loud and hard.

Vote McCain!


Karen said...

I agree- this voting for Barr or writing in a name is insane in this election. It's either going to be squeaky close or a blowout. I hope Obama crashes and burns and McCain wins by a landslide as the American people come to their senses, but, I'll not hold my breath.

Z said...

Plus, voting for Barr could GET us Barr..THERE's a scary enough reason not to vote for him let alone it really IS a vote for Obama.

misfit (steve Harkonnen) INSISTS that voting for Chuck Baldwin is a great idea and that it's NOT a vote for Obama........steve, if you come over here..explain that AGAIN?

GREAT post..and GREAT endorsement from Incognito! LISTEN TO HER, PEOPLE!! xxx

Righty64 said...

You are right where I am, Incog! I am not a John McCain Butt-boy, but I will support him on the issues that I agree and gently, ok not-so gently, try to point out why he is wrong. And this latest assault by Whinny Wesley Clark and Sen. James Webb is disgusting. John McCain has more in his pinky than either one of these two bufoons. It is not just because of his military service but his years in the senate. And, that he alone began the process that led to the surge in Iraq. And, it is working. And, I absolutly believe that Sen. McCain understands the Islamofacsist threat. These Democrats have no clue.

Pat Jenkins said...

you are right incog in that obama, or really liberalism, is going to be ruin for america. (oh boy i am going to get in trouble) which makes john mccain to blame if indeed he is elected president. because he has had an opportunity to distinguish himself from obama on every issue possible to give america an alternative, and he has chosen to run as a liberal-light. so don't blame conservatives if they aren't energized to vote for mccain, because he hasn't energized them...

Terry Kinder said...

This argument that you must vote for McCain or Obama because not voting for McCain is voting for Obama, or not voting for Obama is voting for McCain is utter nonsense.

Not everyone is convinced that what McCain or Obama offers is what our country needs. The fact that they haven't convinced me isn't my fault.

Republican and Democrat candidates are increasingly becoming two sides of the same coin - heads you lose, tails you lose.

The fact that Obama and McCain sound so similar on issues like comprehensive immigration reform, FISA, Global Warming, etc., unfortunately, doesn't surprise me any more.

I don't begrudge you your right to vote for the candidate of your choice. I just ask you don't begrudge me my right to not go along with you.

Frasypoo said...

Heres my 2 cents
I think McCain will win
Glad to see you back again.

Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

Yes ma'am! Definitely McCain over the Obamanation. Now let's get on board the Sarah Palin for VP bandwagon. She puts 'em both to shame.

Incognito said...

KAREN: I have no sense, either way, which way it will go.. whether close or not. I too hope McCain wins by a landslide.. but unless they do come to their senses, it aint gonna happen. Not sure I have that much faith in some of them to predict that.

Z: Third party candidates have never won, and i don't think that's going to change, Z. They've always managed to screw it up. How can anyone with any ounce of a brain think that voting for someone else or not at all is NOT a vote for Obama. Please!

RIGHTY64: I don't think many are thrilled with him, Righty, though I probably have fewer problems with him than some, but still. And yes, if you have a problem with certain things he stands for .. make it known. That will never happen with Obama and a left wing government. The far right is being incredibly short sighted. And the islamofascist threat is, in my opinion, the most important issue on the table.

PATJ: Well, at least if McCain does ruin this country, which I sincerely doubt, you will have every right to complain. I'd rather have someone like McCain be honest about what he stands for, even if it is contrary to what I believe, than have someone like Obama who says one thing and does and believes another. At least McCain is honest, Peej.

TERRYK: You will never convince me otherwise. How can not voting for McCain or voting for someone else NOT give Obama the vote. Explain YOUR logic to me and then maybe i will agree. And if neither is what the country needs, what is the alternative, pray tell. We have NO other alternative, and frankly, anyone with an ounce of common sense, would realize that the McCain alternative is by far the better choice.
And what I am is saying is that you, by not voting for MccAin, forfeit any right to complain about what happens to this country under Obama.

FRASYPOO: I hope you're right! And thanks.. great to see you back, as well!!

PAN: Not too familiar with Palin, but I've heard good things. Maybe we can get all the female voters who were voting for Hillary simpky because she is female.

frasypoo said...

Sometime when I am free I need to feed you in on local politics.Its a mess.We may have to vote democrat to get the idiots out of office.

Papa Frank said...

With the age of the our Supreme Court Justices we simply cannot afford to let Obama in office. Our recent "by-the-skin-of-our-teeth" vote on the 2nd amendment proves the importance of getting conservatives on the Supreme Court.

By the way, I just happened by via my friend Z's blog. Nice home you've got here.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Here is where I stray from the sheeple to declare my vote is going to Chuck Baldwin.


A vote to a third party candidate is NOT a vote for Obama. Period.

Now, on with this election, and here's to 2012 and the future.

Incognito said...

FRASYPOO: will look forward to hearing about your thoughts.

PAPAFRANK: Thank you Papa Frank for your visit. I agree, Obama in office will vote the most liberal of judges and the repercussions will haunt us for decades.

STEVE H: Sorry my friend you will never convince me of that truly illogical argument that a 3rd party vote is NOT a vote for Obama. It's all about mathematics. Period. How can you not see that?

Steve Harkonnen said...

STEVE H: Sorry my friend you will never convince me of that truly illogical argument that a 3rd party vote is NOT a vote for Obama. It's all about mathematics. Period. How can you not see that?

The problem is, people seem to instantly rule out third parties due to their past performance. You probably haven't even read the policies on the Constitution Party. But your position is respected. Go and vote for McCain since you consider him the sole choice.

Remember, this is YOUR choice and I respect that.

However, your recent blog post is not friendly, by any means. By declaring another blogger a fool who is technically on the same side of you is a sad mistake, so I will leave the rest up to you.

jon said...

I'll do anything within the limits of the law to see Obama not get elected. He's the most distasteful candidate in my adult memory. I seriously can not understand why ANYONE who really listens to what he proposes could possibly take him seriously.

Incognito said...

JON: That's the problem, most people don't. The liberals will do anything to not vote in another Republican, so they have buried their heads in the sand. They can't see Obama for who he really is. They claim McCain will be a Bush 3rd term, but no-one seems to take note that Obama would be a Carter 2nd term, and God help us all. I would loved to have seen a black man or woman as our next president, but neither Obama or Clinton are right.

Sheik Yerbouti said...

Voting for your candidate is never a wasted vote. Also, let's face it; Obama is most likely going to win. Going against my principles AND losing anyway? Sounds like a double waste.

Third-party candidates have won before; it's just been a really long time. If we all continue to believe the lie that we have to choose one, we're going to be "lesser eviled" to death.

It's time to take this country back. Maybe if Obama gets elected, people will finally get mad enough to oust him and do the job right. If not... well, then, it's sad but true that in a republic, we get the government we deserve.

jon said...

Take this country back from whom? That idea has always befuddled me. Other people vote too. They may be wrong, but, for better or for worse, they're American's too. Most of them. And I really believe the old adage about democratic states is true: "People get the government they deserve."

Along with my other all time favorite adage, "The stupid shall be punished." I only wish that I didn't have to be punished along with.

Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

Given recent headlines, I think the crooked shall win and the idealists shall be punished.

Incognito said...

SHEIK: You will never convince me of that argument, in this case. And I would like to believe that it 'aint over 'til it's over. You are buying into the hype that Obama's win is a foregone conclusion. You are doing exactly what the liberal media and the liberals would have you believe. I think the race is close and McCain could win.

As for 3rd party candidates winning... with the negligible percentage any of the 3rd party candidates have, They have zippo chance in hello of winning this time around, so it IS a wasted vote.

Incognito said...

JON: Hey there! I so agree with you. I wish those of us with clear heads, who see the truth behind the hype, didn't have to suffer along with all the foolish in this country, but....

PAN: It looks that way, Chris and sadly with the collusion of the liberal media.

Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

Incog: Yep! There's the elite liberal media and then the regular liberal media....;)