Saturday, December 05, 2009

Islamic Tolerance- 59 % of Muslim Turks OPPOSE meetings of OTHER religions

Muslims rabidly defend their tolerance of other religions (I have often debated them) and yet in mostly secular Turkey, a survey conducted in 2008 shows well over 50% of the Muslim-dominated country opposes adherents of other religions openly worshipping and sharing their faith.

Fully 59 percent of those surveyed said non-Muslims either “should not” or “absolutely should not” be allowed to hold open meetings where they can discuss their ideas. Fifty-four percent said non-Muslims either “should not” or “absolutely should not” be allowed to publish literature that describes their faith.

The study conducted by member nations of the International Social Survey Program (ISSP) in 2008 (and to be published in 2010) also found that 40% of Turks (90% of whom are Sunni Muslims)

had “very negative” or “negative” views of Christians. In the random survey, 60 percent of those polled said there is one true religion.

And we know what that "one true religion" is for Muslims, and it's not Christianity or Judaism.

The ISSP is an international organization that commissions various polls and surveys (that are political or social in nature) from its 43 member-nations. Turkey was the only Muslim country that participated in this particular study.

Although 42% claimed they believed in religious tolerance, 49% said they "absolutely" or "most likely" would not

support a political party that accepted people from another religion.

A paltry 13 percent had a “very positive,” view of Christians, while 7 percent had a “positive” view. The article in Compass Direct News does not mention views on other religions, but I'm positive the tolerance level for Jews, in particular, would be far less, or non-existent.

The study in Turkey was conducted at Sabanci University by several professors, and according to one of them, Ali Çarkoglu, most of the blame for religious intolerance can be firmly placed on the educational system

...which mandates religious studies for both junior high school and high school students – classes in which Christians and Jews “are not even mentioned” or are portrayed as “the others,” Çarkoglu said.“That instills in these students a severe point of view of intolerance,” he added.

Of course, this isn't anything new or surprising. It happens all over the Middle East and in Muslim-majority countries; even in Muslim schools in this country and elsewhere!

So while Muslims worldwide cry foul on the banning of Minarets in Switzerland, and piss and moan about intolerance, they are far too blind and in denial to admit their own massive intolerance.


果凍 said...
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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you say it is more of a flaw in the country's tolerance level or education system if it is only this country that was polled? To say that this is taught in US Muslim schools as well, you would probably have to step into one, which I doubt you would ever do. And in the beginning, you make it sound as a flaw that they believe in one true religion, but, don't many Christians believe that as well? Sure there might be problems, but open your eyes and see the truth behind Muslim teachings and the happenings of today. They are based on political, not religious, radicals that use religion to manipulate people into believing what they will.

Incognito said...

Turkey was the only Muslim country polled as it is the only member nation of that organization.. at least as far as I can surmise.

As for being taught in Muslim schools... it is well documented, not hearsay. You can google it.

I definitely think it is a flaw for any religion to say it is the one true religion. there are many religions, and it is incumbent upon every single human being to respect that. as long as one religion believes its the one true religion there will continue to be religious strife in this world.

And I agree, radical Islam is a political ideology- the problem is there are far too many radicals and they're not just hiding in caves in Afghanistan, they are all around us. I do not respect any religion that forcefully tries to impose its religious/political ideology on the rest of us.