Sunday, December 13, 2009

Muslim Burqini-clad Women In Amsterdam Want Men Banned From The Pool

The latest inanity comes out of Amsterdam where Muslim burqini-clad women have demanded that men be banned while they swim in Zuiderbad pool, even though every ounce of their bodies are covered with swaths of cloth, save their hands, feet and faces. Now I realize most Muslim women are into the extreme modesty thing, because men can't control themselves and might lust after them, but these Islamic "swim suits" are very loose fitting and pretty darn ridiculous looking so there would be no way in hell they would attract unwanted attention. But, it seems they would feel uncomfortable with men looking at the few inches of exposed flesh so they've made these ridiculous demands. The silly thing is, even with Burqas, hands are exposed. Next they'll be fashioning a burqini that has gloves, socks and a mask attached.

Thankfully, Zuiderbad employees and the mayor aren't caving into their demands, at least not yet.
Egbert de Vries, mayor of the Oud-Zuid district, says it's nonsense to bar
all men from the pool for this reason.But he says that he can see having women's hour for one or two hours a week. For example, there's naked swimming an hour a week, and that is open only for men.
Apparently, they already have women's only swimming class every week, so why don't they join that one. Or, better yet, if they want freedom to swim whenever they want, how about the Muslim community building a swimming pool of their own. Although some bikinis verge on the obscene, burqinis in their own way are as well.

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