Friday, December 18, 2009

Jihad A Family Affair- Wife of al Qaida's #2 Henchman Calls On Women To Join Jihad

How heart-warming, Jihad is becoming a family affair. Al Qaida has been recruiting men and their male children, and now their wives are being called into action by none other than the wife of Osama Bin Laden's number 2 henchman, Ayman al-Zawahiri. So now, instead of being asked to stand by their men by giving birth to and raising Jihadi babies and donating money, the women are being asked to join in the fun. Although unverified, Umaima Hassan posted her message on the internet- apparently the first time an al Qaida wife has encouraged others to fight and/or blow themselves up- telling women it was an "obligation" to fight. She did add that it would challenging since

"Fighting is not easy for women, because she needs a male guardian at her side."

I guess making it a family project would deal with that issue quite well.

NBC News counterterrorism analyst, Evan Kohlmann, said Umaima

wrote specifically of "martyrdom" and "how many sisters carried out a martyrdom operation in Palestine, Iraq and Chechnya, and caused the enemy high costs and caused the enemy a big defeat. We ask from Allah to accept them and connect us with them with goodness."

Kohlmann seems to think there might be a shortage of jihadi fighting machines, hence the call for female participation. My question is, if women go off to fight, who is going to raise the next generation of jihadis? Not that I care. Maybe Umaima and the whole family (along with all her friends and relatives) will strap on bombs and get blown up together. That would solve the al Qaida problem quite nicely.

"Umaima? Yo Mama!"

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