Thursday, October 28, 2010

Liberalism A Genetic Malfunction- Researchers Discover "Liberal Gene"

So, researchers at Harvard and UC San Diego have discovered what they call the "liberal" gene, the DRD4.

So, does that mean there's a conservative and moderate gene, too? And if so, where did I inherit mine from, since both my parents are Democrats and liberal, although I think my dad's more conservative then he'd like to admit, at least if those political affiliation tests have any validity to them.

I've always wondered what made some people liberals and others conservatives or moderates. Maybe it is genetic and they have no choice but to be the wankers they have a tendency to be. I guess we should feel sorry for them, since if it is genetics they have no control over their idiocy.

Hope they didn't waste taxpayer money on this study.

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SnoopyTheGoon said...

"Hope they didn't waste taxpayer money on this study."

They did, so leave this hope aside. Talked with an expert recently. Well, more grant money down the drain...

Incognito said...

heh... :-)